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Cerastes' Curse - Book 6

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Two years after Krait's Redemption (Book 5), the key to the Dark God’s prison is still missing. The Shade, a fanatic cult of assassins, wants to find it.

Their hunt leads them to Sora, a young acolyte living in the temple of the South Wind and studying to become a warrior of the Goddess. So far, Sora’s experience of monastic life has been disappointingly dull. When she learns of the Shade’s resurgence--and their hunt for the key to the Dark God's prison--she has no choice but to stop them.

Crash, the dark assassin, has been training in the Hive to reach his full potential as a Grandmaster. He doesn't expect to see Sora's face again. He thought he had walked away from her forever. Now reunited against their old enemy, he can't help but think of what could still be. Will he succumb to his feelings, at the cost of everything? 

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