The Characters

Sora Fallcrest

A noblewoman who dreams of adventure! Sora Fallcrest is unexpectedly kidnapped at her Blooming Ceremony by an assassin on the run. Spunky and intelligent, she begins her coming-of-age journey a bit entitled and naive to the world, but that soon changes as she learns and adapts to new situations along her adventure.

The Viper (Crash)

A dangerous assassin, Viper is a trained killer and a man of few words. He kidnaps Sora from her Blooming ceremony after seeing her Cat's-Eye necklace. By kidnapping her, he makes a desperate bid to save his own life, only to find himself transformed by the young woman's courage and purity of heart. Now he will do anything to protect her.


Volcrian survived the murder of his brother, Etienne, only to swear revenge upon the killer. As a Wulven bloodmage, he wields magical power by using the life energy in blood to manipulate nature. His thirst for revenge is as relentless as his grief, so he tracks the assassin, Viper, across mountain and river, refusing to rest until the killer is brought to justice.


Dorian loves a good game of cards! This quirky thief and vagabond meets Sora in the first book, Sora's Quest, and quickly becomes her friend. Beneath Dorian's biting sarcasm is a heart of gold and a telling sadness. As one of the last of his Race, there are times it seems like his quick humor is hiding deeper feelings underneath the surface.


Burn is a giant Wulven mercenary! His intimidating size is offset by his calm, steady demeanor. He is the rock of the group, and journeys with the assassin, Viper, to stop the bloodmage Volcrian from wrecking havoc across the land. He meets Sora in the first book, Sora's Quest, and helps show her the ropes of life on the road.

Ferran Ebonaire

"Red-Handed Ferran" is a treasure hunter and old friend of Lorianne, Sora's mother. In his youth, he traveled the world seeking ancient treasures from the War of the Races, and succeeded in robbing a few tombs. He and Lorianne are reunited in Book 2, where he is keen to rekindle his friendship in Viper's Creed.


Lorianne is Sora's mother and a Healer living on the lower plains. Strong, independent and intelligent, she and Sora embody many of the same traits. After reuniting with Sora, she teaches her daughter a lot about the Healing arts.


Cerastes takes over as the main villain after Book 3. Leader of the Shade, he is also Crash's old teacher and a Grandmaster of terrible power. Cerastes has made it his soul's purpose to resurrect the Dark God and open the Seventh Gate, leading to the destruction of the world.


A seraph of immense power, Caprion joins Sora's part in Book 3, Volcrian's Hunt. Because of his aloof stature, it's difficult to tell who's side he's really on. Caprion's Wings is the exciting story of how he became a seraph, and his special friendship with a girl of the Sixth Race named Moss.