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When is Cerastes' Curse (Book 6) coming out?

Cerastes' Curse (The Cat's Eye Chronicles, Book 6) is the last book in the series. The official release date is October 31st, 2023.

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How many books are in the series?

The Cat's Eye Chronicles features 6 main books and 2 novellas. The 6 main books chronicle Sora and Crash's adventure, from their chance meeting in the hallway at Sora's Blooming Ceremony, to facing down the Dark God: Sora's Quest (Book 1), Viper's Creed (Book 2), Volcrian's Hunt (Book 3), Ferran's Map (Book 4), Krait's Redemption (Book 5,) and Cerastes' Curse (Book 6.)

Two novellas in the series focus on minor characters Caprion and Dorian. In Caprion's Wings, meant to be read between books 2 and 3 for maximum effect, we learn about how Caprion became a seraph, and his unusual history with a girl of the Sixth Race named Moss. In Dorian's Game, we learn the story about how Dorian, Crash and Burn met, how Crash got his name, and what happened to Burn's family. Dorian's Game is best read before Book 6 to inform the main series. But the novellas are meant to provide supplemental information about the world and characters, plus a fun diversion, and are not necessary for following the main story.

When did you start writing The Cat's Eye Chronicles?

I began writing the first draft of The Cat's Eye Chronicles, entitled Cat's Eye, when I was 11 years old. I finished it when I was 13. The first book was 180,000 words and over 500 pages long! I was definitely in love with writing! My aunt used to read the original version of CEC to her daycare center, where the little kids loved hearing about Sora's adventure. After many rewrites, I expanded the series into a multi-book venture, and published Sora's Quest in 2012.

What was your inspiration for The Races?

The idea of magical races, or even a "War of the Races," is pretty common in fantasy! However, I wanted to do something fresh. I'd grown up reading LOTR with my dad, and when I first starting writing about Sora's adventure, I was just getting into anime and JRPG's. Some of Sora's world was probably inspired by the videogames I was playing at the time, including Legend of Dragoon, Final Fantasy X, etc. I was also a big fan of Regency romance novels, which inspired the First Tier in Sora's world.

What time period does Sora's Quest take place in?

On the surface, Sora's world can seem like a strange mix of old and new. When Sora and her companions are out questing, some of the world feels practically medieval. When she is in the city, it leans more toward artistocratic society. So which is it? I actually modeled Sora's world off of the Rococo period in France during the mid-1700's. So you'll find women in big fancy dresses with extravagant wigs, grand pianos, clocks, but also swordplay, horse carriages, and plated armor.

Will you write more in the Cat's Eye world after you finish Sora's journey?

Yes! I am planning to release a trilogy featuring Kaelyn the Wanderer to take readers back to the War of the Races. I also want to write a separate quest involving more Dracians and the Sixth Race. Sora's world is so huge, it feels like there is endless potential for more stories and adventures to unfold.

Where can I buy my own Cat's-Eye necklace or get a signed copy?

I sell handmade Cat's-Eye necklaces (and signed copies) at my author store,

Any advice for new writers?

You're going to learn a lot of rules about writing if you go to writing workshops in school, college, Youtube and beyond. Just because an "expert" or a professor teaches it, doesn't mean it applies to you! Stay humble, but be true to yourself. There is so much good writing in the world that falls outside of the rules. There is also a ton of good writing that sticks to the rules. Don't feel like you need to invent a breakthrough new genre to write a good story. Not everybody wants to read that. Some people just want cozy and familiar. And if you start to feel discouraged, remember: some of the stuff being picked up by traditional publishers is absolute trash that will be forgotten about in 2 years, so don't worry about rejection. Publishers don't know everything. Follow your dreams!

Here's a few solid tips I can give from my experience:

Really feel for your characters--live with them in that world. Characters create the story, not the other way around. The best writing is also good therapy.
Have a plot, but don't marry it. Dance a little. Don't be afraid to get a little lost.
The middle is always the hardest part. It's all about stamina. Just commit to 2000 words a day (or more if you can!) and you'll get through.
If you're bored, then the reader is bored.
Don't edit until you finish the first draft.
And always, love what you do!