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All About T. L. Shreffler

Hello! My name is T. L. Shreffler, and I'm author of The Cat's Eye Chronicles, a YA Fantasy adventure featuring a strong female heroine, a high fantasy world, lost civilizations, magical races, and a slow-burn, enemies-to-lovers romance that will leave your heart burning for more! I wrote the first version of The Cat's Eye Chronicles when I was 13 years old, shortly after my mother passed away from cancer. I discovered writing as a creative outlet for my grief and teenage angst, and since I loved fantasy books (Redwall, Sword of Truth, Green Rider, LOTR to name a few!) I lost myself in Sora's world of adventure and romance. Entitled "Cat's Eye," I first published this the first (highly condensed) version of Sora's adventure when I was 16. Copies are still in circulation today!

Many of my current readers met me back in those early days of publishing webnovels on Fictionpress.com. We've literally grown up together! <3 After I graduated college with a BA in Creative Writing back in 2012, a reader reached out and asked me to add "Cat's Eye" to Goodreads.com, and publish it on Amazon so they could read Sora's adventure on their kindle device. From there, I expanded the original book into an ongoing series, The Cat's Eye Chronicles, adding a lot of extra content and characters. Today, The Cat's Eye Chronicles is a #1 Amazon bestseller with more than 100,000 downloads per year.

I love that I get to share Sora's adventure with readers around the world. I've had readers dress up as Sora for Comic Con, make Halloween costumes of Dorian and Burn for their kids, and send me fan art of the series. 

Everyone deserves magic in their lives. I hope that by sharing some of Sora's adventure with you, we can make the world a more magical place for everyone. 

Love and Light,

-T. L. Shreffler