The Races

The Catlins (Wind & Earth)

Sora meets the Catlin Race in Book 1, Sora's Quest. They live in the depths of Fennbog Swamp and practice nature magic, having dominion over plants and animals. Each Catlin colony is controlled by a leader, called a Panthera.

The Dracians (Wind & Fire)

Dracians practice elemental magic. Although they look human at first glance, they have the ability to tranform into reptilian creatures. A Dracian's reptilian form follows their element, so a Dracian with Water magic might have fins and gills, while a Dracian with wind magic might have wings.

Harpies (Wind & Light)

Called "the First Race," Harpies use the power of Light and Song to influence vibrations in the world. Some are even rumored to be able to control Time. Harpies use the sacred magic of their Voices to enact spells, and draw the power of Light from their Wings.

The Sixth Race (Fire & Darkness)

The Sixth Race is rumored not to exist. If it were to exist, it would be a bastard race between Fire and Darkness. Little is known about these strange and enigmatic figures. They are rumored to live in the Hive, where they train in the ways of the assassin.

Humans (Wind & Water)

The Human Race is the only Race that cannot wield magic. Instead, Humans were embued with a gift for storytelling and healing. Although considered weaker than the other Races, they discovered the Cat's-Eye necklaces, which protected them from magic, and so became the dominant Race in the Kingdom of Err.

Wulvens (Wind & Ice)

Once, the Wulven Race lived deep in the mountains. They are split into two castes: the mages and the mercenaries. The mages are small, silver-haired, and gifted at the use of blood magic. The mercenaries are tall, lumbering brutes with a lot of muscle and no magic ability. Wulven mercenaries are more closely related to Humans than the other races. All of Wulvenkind can use their long ears to listen to the Wind, where they glean wisdom and premonitions.