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Ferran’s Map (4)

This is such a beautifully written story about so many different things, discovering oneself, confronting your fears, coming to terms with your past and your demons, friendship, love (ah! the relationships in this story, swoon *sighs*), I can talk about this series for hours on end. ~Priscilla (reviewer)

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4. Ferran's Map COVER_smallFerran’s Map (The Cat’s Eye Chronicles, Book 4)
Epic Fantasy
ISBN: 978-0-9851663-7-3

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    The bloodmage Volcrian is dead, but a new enemy lurks in the shadows. The Shade, a fanatical cult of demonic assassins, is trying to resurrect the Dark God and unleash His power back into the world. In their wake, a deadly plague is spreading across the land.

    Sora and her companions are the only ones who know of the plagueโ€™s true source. As the disease spreads, Sora must journey to the City of Crowns to retrieve The Book of the Named, her only hope of stopping The Shade. She and her companions arrive just in time for the winter solstice festival, a notorious two-weeks of fine wines, grand parties and legendary debauchery. Sora must don the guise of a noblewoman and infiltrate the First Tier nobility to stop The Shade before itโ€™s too late.

    Meanwhile, the assassin Crash is confronted by a ghost from his past. As he uncovers more of the Shadeโ€™s plot, he finds himself face-to-face with his old Grandmaster, the one who trained himโ€”and who he betrayed. Can Crash lay to rest his past, or will he succumb to his inner demon and rejoin the man who once made him a killer?


    1. I think I might die if Sora and Crash don’t end up together; no joke!

      • You and me both Maddy. It would end the world if they didn’t. They’re just too perfect for each other!

        • I know right!!!! I really hope they end up together!!!

        • I agree girls! It would end the world if they didn’t

          • I agree!!! Sora and Crash are such a good match.

      • I hope they do too. I love that Crash is more than himself and even the demon looks out for her. I do see the possibility for a relationship to develop between Caprion and Sora if Crash stays too aloof. Sora did find him handsome (if a jerk) in the last book. I could see hear wanting companionship if her assassin leaves her alone. I do wonder about the whole aura thing….

        • Hmmm Caprion and Sora… very interesting… ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • crash & sora belong together then they can work on saving this nasty world!!!

            • Thank you Penelope for saying exactly what I wanted to say!!!!

          • That would be epic! *if only to make Crash furious and super jealous ;)*


            hmmm ;p

          • If Crash doesn’t stop acting like a dimwit he’ll push Sora into Caprion’s arms. If that happens I’ll quite literally have a heart attack…or I’ll start crying!!!

            • I don’t think Crash is acting like a moron-well, 50-50; but like he’s in love with Sora and he made a promise to her to save Burn and when you’re in love with someone you would do anything for them….

          • Omg This has probably been said a hundred times but I really won’t there to be a love triangle can you imagine that caprion sora viper! Oh the drama ‘light and dark’ going for her heart though I seriously would won’t viper to win of course cause I love him so much!

          • Also Tristan and sora could have something going on there

            • No, never Sora literally hates Tristan for spreading rumours about her being abused. I can see where you’re going there but …

          • no. Crash and Sora, Yes

        • That’s what I was thinking in the last chapter of Volcrian’s Hunt…I’m hoping that’s not going to happen because Crash is perfect for Sora. Then again, it would definitely be interesting.

        • I defo think a wee love triangle would be great!

          If there isn’t one the books are still amazing but I’d like to see crash a wee bit jealous.

          Love these books x

          • Love triangles completely turn me off of books, it’s done way too often now too. I would like to see Crash get jealous though for sure, just to wake him up a little.

      • I absolutely feel the same way. There has been so much development between Crash and Sora that I would die if it was thrown away. Literally makes my heart hurt to think about it.

        • I so agree with you! Either I’d die or go mentally retarded. Although seeing crash jealous would be fun.

          • I totally agree! that would be very….interesting ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Me too maddy haha.

      • And I think I might die if Ferran’s Map isn’t actually coming out in October. *dangerous cloudy anime aura*

        • It’s the 2nd November and Ferran’s map isn’t on amazon… Am I missing something? Or what?

      • totally agree! there is waaaaay to much going for them

      • I am really getting frustrated. Just wanna see where things are going with Sora and Crash. Come on already.

    2. Are Krait, Moss, and Bug all te same person??? Or am I just per thinking it all and there is no real connection?

      • Your questions will all be answered in Book 4. Sorry I can’t say more! ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • I def see a connection with sora and Caprion since he defiantly looked bumed at the fact her and crash were close and had a genuine concern for her wellbeing a emerging love triangle maybe???

          • I think that would make me insanely happy. Though I think I just want Sora to be happy. No matter who she ends up with, or doesn’t end up with. I’m attached to my favorite female heroines. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • IKR?. Crash and Capriorn absolutely despise each other maybe because They want Sora’s attention. And then there was that scene with Capriorn and Sora sleeping together… Crash would be PISSED if he knew. I mean look what happened when Crash found out that Sora had dealings with Capriorn!

        • Hehe I was thinking the same thing! LOL ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • I vote yes! But then again, it might be too obvious, but I really think so!

      • just finished the books and was wandering the same thing…

      • Hahaha was thinking the same thing!!!

      • It’s not just you, I’m pretty sure they are all the same person.

    3. How many books do you plan on writing?

      • 5 or 6 in the series, depending on how the story plays out. And beyond The Cat’s Eye Chronicles, at least 100 more books until my hands fall off. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • I will definitely be following your writing career! The first book series I’ve found that I haven’t been able to put down since Harry Potter. I can’t wait to see what else you’ve got for us. <3

    4. T.L!!!

      You have to write faster! I’m almost done with book 3 of the Cat’s Eye Chronicles… You have just about taken number one spot in my favorite authors spot!

      Love the relationship with Crash and Sora! I have to know more


      PS> I hope your hands never fall off!

      • I totally agree with you!!!

      • I totally agree with you!! I’ve read through the books at least three times each!!!!

      • She has made the top of my favorite authors list! I keep finding myself checking back to see if she has miraculously finished the next book faster. lol I love how the characters are fully developed and how her books are more than just a spicy romance. They are so much more and although they are pure fantasies and full of there is almost a truth in the way they are played out. If that makes any sense at all. The places and people are living and breathing and are almost entirely real! You can’t help but love them and fully fell their emotions.

    5. I love these books and the characters. Can you please write faster? The suspense is killing me ๐Ÿ˜‰

    6. I can’t wait for the fourth book!!! Plz write quickly! ๐Ÿ˜› im gonna die in Sora and Crash don’t end up together!! Your defiantly one of my favorite authors right now!! < 3

      • Thanks Oakley! Glad you enjoyed the series so far, Book 4 is going to be epic! (quite literally….) ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Man I wish I could join in on there epic adventure

        • I CAN’T WAIT FOR BOOK 4 ๐Ÿ™‚

    7. This series would make some great movies!

      • Oh I’d love to see these as movies! Omg I just love the idea!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    8. will there be Catlins in Ferran’s Map?

    9. Didn’t Lilly go to live with Sora’s ‘uncle’ in the city of crowns? Or am I mistaken and it was somewhere else. Are we going to see Lilly again?!

      • Hi Emii! Don’t want to give away too much, but we will definitely be seeing some familiar faces in the City of Crowns…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    10. How long do you think the book will be? As in, how many approximate pages will there be?

      • Hi Maddy! At this point, I’m thinking ballpark 400-500 pages… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    11. I love this series!!! Can’t wait for more!!

      • Thank you Sara! Glad you’re enjoying it! ๐Ÿ™‚

    12. It took all of three days to read all three books. I read through the first, and then was distraught over Dorian’s death. I realized quickly that although Dorian and Sora were a perfect match, you had other plans for Sora. Then I got impatient, wanting to know exactly where you were going with Sora and Crash so I read the last two chapters of the other two books. Quite honestly, I was satisfied. I realized that you hadn’t turned Crash into some mushy lover (I hate it when writers turn really cool badass characters into mushy lovers). So I went back and actually read the books and enjoyed it.

      I want to make a request though. Please avoid writing from Crash’s point of view, he loses his mysteriousness. And we are already aware of the nature of his protectiveness over Sora, though I suppose some parts of the story would be hard to tell without his added input. But seriously, minimize Crash POV, I don’t want to be disillusioned by him.

      Another comment I need to make, I think the writing of Caprion’s Wings is highly distracting. I have a mind not to read the book–novella whatever. But I think I will choose to trust you. I take it that you are intending to do something strange with him in the fourth book and we may not be able to follow it without whatever is in Caprion’s Wings. Maybe he’ll be going back and forth emotionally and some of his indecision will not be justified entirely by what the fourth book reveals. With this in mind, I sincerely hope that the Fourth book will not end with a cliffhanger over Caprion. If it does, that’s a violation of the respect I have come to build for you. It means you’re stalling. I hate stalling. We already have to wait months and months and for what, no answers? I don’t mind more questions but lack of answers is unbearable.

      That leads me to ask, is this the final book? How long do you intend to make this series? I hope you’ve thought it through.


      • Hi Daine, thanks for sharing your thoughts! Gonna respond to your questions via email. Thanks for stopping by the site! ๐Ÿ™‚ ~TL

        • It seems a lot of people like Crash POV’s. I didn’t say they were bad, it’s just that they destroy the point of Crash. He’s supposed to be mysterious and writing Crash POV’s defeats the purpose of it.

          I have no doubt in my mind that me requesting/disapproving of Crash POV’s will not actually influence what Shreffler has in mind to write.

          But there is one thing I am sickly worried about. Please, after establishing Crash as this mega-awesome-stoic-ninja-dude we don’t have to face a Crash POV with him weeping over his love-driven need of Sora. Though romantic in one light, in my mind, that is a betrayal of the character itself.

          How much we get Crash POV should be directly in line with what Shreffler’s vision of the character is. Having more than 50 pages devoted to a character in a book that is 250-ish pages long, means that you mean us to really get to know the character, build an understanding of the character and begin to think like him. However, if this character is supposed to be mysterious, although reasonable, really smart with the ability to connect things ordinary individuals cannot put together (and therefore the audience wouldn’t readily think)–well, the audience shouldn’t be lead to “think like” a character that must be like that, and POV’s of that character should be rare.

          To me, Crash is in that second category. I enjoy his character in that there is a bit of him I am unable to understand, that he intentionally withholds. He is awesome in that I cannot connect to him in the same way I can connect to the others.

          Think like this. We are very obviously being lead to identify with Sora. We are very obviously being lead to understand–what’s his name (I think I need to reread) Volcrian? We’re being lead to understand that Volcrian didn’t begin evil but the fact that he surrendered to the dark magic within him to extract vengeance made him become evil. These are characters we are supposed to understand. Crash isnt’ like that. Crash has a reason to want to hide a bit of himself and that reason isn’t in itself reasonable–and his romantic interactions with Sora reveal that.


          HE had to keep the demon bottled up, right? But when did that demon emerge? When his human form was incapable of protecting Sora! Like really, I’m a thinking fan. That means the demon is protecting Sora and isn’t likely to hurt her. It’s gonna be one of those “Kahlan’s Confessor’s powers won’t hurt Richard because he’s mightly in love with her” kind of explanation. (Yes, Shreffler, as the storymaster, might make me swallow my words yet. Story is whatever the story is and my projections mean little once what it is is revealed)

          Anyway, I did not mean to be discouraging or imply that I hate reading his POV, it’s just that I don’t want to lose the experience of Crash as this awesome mystery I’ve come to appreciate him as.

          • I like Crash’s POVs. They give me the impression that he doesn’t really want to stay away from Sora, but thinks it’s for her own good, or something.
            By the way, when is Ferran’s Map coming out?

      • Ah! But Crash’s POVs are awesome! I look forward to them in every single book! I’d die without them.. 0.0 I hope they stay, Daine, no offense. ;[

        • I’m with Jordan on this one. I love Crash’s POV. You just get a small glimpse of the Dark One but you still don’t know completely what he is thinking or “feeling” if that is even possible ๐Ÿ˜‰ Truly love these books and I am in total awe of your writing skills. Cannot wait for the next book! (P.S. my 13 year old daughter asked if this series will ever be done in hard copy/paperback? She collects books that she absolutely loves.)

          Write On! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I’m with the other 2, I love crash’s POVs. I don’t think they take away from him at all. I think they give us a better idea of his own inner turmoil!

    13. I read all three books couldn’t put it down. Now i need to know how long do i have to wait till Ferran Maps come out?

    14. I love these books! I have honestly never read anything like them, they are very unique/interesting with the idea of the races and the history behind them! The characters are amazing, they were all very well written. I’ve read a bunch of books and this series is by far the best! I love the relationship between Crash and Sora, reminds me a lot of the Disney movie “Beauty and The Beast” haha! But seriously, the relationship between them is very intriguing! Out of all the books I’ve read that has had relationships in them, Crash and Sora’s is the most amazing, they have to be together! I can’t wait til’ book 4 and the amazing journeys to come! You’ve done such an amazing job with these books! Thank you so SO much for sharing your outstanding gift of writing to us! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Thank you Jamie! It’s been a real pleasure writing them. So glad I can share the world and the adventure with you guys. Crash and Sora definitely have a “beauty and the beast” dynamic, it’s an age-old story but I didn’t want anything to happen fast, I really wanted the characters to seem real and fully developed, which will make their “relationship” so much stronger in the books to come. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks for reading and stopping by the site!

    15. I really love these books. And I would love it if you kept writing more of this series, 5, 6 , 15 whatever!…lol I finished them today so now I’m gonna reread them again while I wait for the next one to come out. Hey you don’t happen to have a release date yet do you? Or maybe an estimate of which month? Just wondering, no rush. I mean yes rush! No,no take your time. Sorry, I’m not very patient. please let Sora and Crash end up together, please. But I would like to see him work for it more to prove to himself that he is capable of love. Maybe a little competition from Caprion or Tristan. I wanna see him get jealous…lol. But whatever you think is best, your the writer…lol Just keep them coming, I could read these books forever.
      Also any chance of Lori and Ferran getting together. I’d like to see that to. ๐Ÿ™‚
      And maybe someone special for Burn. I would hate for him to end up alone after loosing his family. Sorry, I’m a sucker for happy endings… ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Hi Jesse! No release date as of yet, but definitely Summer 2014. Once the manuscript goes to the editors, I’ll have a better idea of when the book will hit the marketplace.

        I think Lori and Ferran definitely deserve a chance at fixing the mistakes of their past…Can’t wait to share the next installment in the series with you. ๐Ÿ™‚

    16. A coworker introduced me to this series and I’m so glad she did! I love the broodiness of Crash. I love how his demon recognized Sora and wanted to help her. The vulnerability Crash starts to show is great. The reader cant help but fall in love with him. How he comes to Sora’s time abd time again and the tenderness he shows her is so sweet. This series is a fun fast read. Thank you for sharing your talent with us!

      • **Sora’s aid time and time….sorry, my bad.

      • Thanks Jenn! Glad you discovered the series and you get to share the adventure with your coworker. It’s so much more fun when we can share books with friends. Can’t wait to continue the story with Ferran’s Map! ๐Ÿ™‚ ~TL

    17. I might not be living by the time the fourth book is here! I’m dying of impatience on both being able to get my hands on that book and Crash and Sora’s relationship! I might go insane and start throwing books! The suspence is killing me!

      • *suspense . Now I’m so impatient that I’m not spelling right!

        • I agree completely, Maddy!!! I’m dying here!!!

    18. Will you give us a sneek peek of book four and if you do when do you think you can!? The sooner the better!!! Lol!!!

    19. I sooo love your books! I can’t wait for the fourth book!!! And I just had to write you this cause I am seriously impatient:) I am rereading the books all the time:D pleeeease as soon as you get the release date you have to tell us!! I am checking the website all the time for news;) (sadly nothing new came up yet ๐Ÿ™ )
      Aaaand sorry for any spelling mistakes.. I am german.. ๐Ÿ˜›

    20. Things have really livened up here since I last visitted. Cool. Just came to check if the release date was announced. Saw that it wasn’t.

      Cool, can’t wait.

    21. I happened to stumble across this series, and it was the greatest find ever! At this point in time I have read and re-read this series three times. The first time reading through I got so caught up with the action I missed a couple key hints. When I read through it again I saw what was missed, and was glad I re-read them. I agree with most regarding their love of the relationship of Sora & Crash. I would also like to point out I love not only everyone’s relationship dynamic, but also you write wonderful action sequences! I can almost feel the adrenaline in my veins & the hilt of a blade in my hand along with the characters. As with everyone else, can’t wait to read the next book! Also, is there any possibility of adding a Catlin to the group? There seems to be at least one of every race in the group except them. Thank you for creating such a wonderful and fascinating world.

    22. I just finished all the books up to this point, including Caprion’s Novella. I keep thinking about book 4 (ACK! Can’t wait!) and there are a couple of things I keep hoping will happen. 1) I hope Sora has a conversation with Ferran about Lori where Sora sort of gives her blessing, especially since she feels like Ferran and Lori’s issues are not as insurmountable has her’s and Crash’s; but I want her to threaten Ferran by saying something along the lines of “If you hurt my mother, I’m pretty sure I can find an assassin who will do me a favor”.

      2) I don’t know if this would work in the story, but I keep imagining Caprion asking Sora what she sees in Crash since he doesn’t really see any good in the Unnamed, or because Sora is his “guide” and he is trying to understand the Unnamed better, or because he becomes friends with Sora and is concerned (any one of those seem plausible). Sora would explain all the good she sees in Crash and how much he has done for her and how much he means to her, but then have Crash overhear it.

      My imagination is running wild. I can’t wait to see all the story lines to come together in this book too. I’m also hoping there will be more about Caprion and Moss and how Moss came back to the mainland and how she regained her sight. Can’t wait.

      • I would also love to see more of the Catlins. I hope they become more involved/concerned about the world and the survival of their race (probably not, but it might be kind of cool).

        I’m also wondering if we will see Laina again. I keep wondering about her. After reading Caprion’s Wings, I’m concerned for her and thinking she won’d be doing so well and think she will be even more misplaced and lonely with the Harpies.

      • Hi Kate! Lots of great ideas! We shall see where the journey takes us… ๐Ÿ˜‰ Caprion and Moss are both two of my fav characters, they have a lot to offer Book 4… Thanks for reading! ~TL

    23. Omg I’m dying waiting on this book. This is my new favorite series, i love the connection between sora and crash especially how you show them grow closer over time not like every other romance novel where its only been two weeks they are in love and having sex. Of course we all want to see a good romance scene between them theyve been working up this relationship for over two years i think its enough waiting lol but id like to see him get jealous over caprion too haha keep up the great work just hurry up please we NEED to read this book <3

    24. I’m so excited for book four! I see a connection between Caprion and Sora, but not that way her and Crash do. If there were a love triangle, it would be like almost every other books with romance in them out there. Crash and Sora are most definitely perfect for each other, so I really hope that her and Caprion just end up being good friends! (Although, Crash being a little jealous over Sora and Caprion being friends would be interesting :P)
      And please, add more of Crash’s point of view! It gives us a small insight on him as a person and some of his feelings on Sora ๐Ÿ™‚

    25. making Crash jealous would be interesting. But what I’m really wondering about is how you plan to end the series, please, please don’t pull a Romeo and Juliet, I think the majority of readers want a happy ending for most of the characters, especially Sora and Crash.

      Note: if you plan on killing off a character kill Tristan or Burn.

      • Funny, I haven’t had anyone make a “kill request” before. Haha. If Tristan or Burn die, I shall make it a noble death! ~TL

        • Ah! Not Burn!! He must live! o.o
          But yeah, kill Tristan.
          *GRRR* Messin with my OTP *lemme at him*

          • I like him, I don’t think he after sora, I thought him half breed and the street art harpy would have been good togeter

            • Hi Beth!

              If one of the races uses a Cat’s Eye (other than humans) it will suck the magic out of them. Since magic is closely intertwined with the races’ life force, it usually means the member of that race is severely injured or even killed. I don’t think Sora could use the cat’s eye to help Crash without severely hurting him in the process…but in Ferran’s Map (book 4) we might see the demon is not such a bad thing…. ๐Ÿ˜‰ -TL

            • sheffler! are you serious? I knew it! I had that sense because the demon came out to save Sora. I thought it couldn’t just be “I got so scared I forgot to control my demon” kinda thing. And then when you do the hug/kiss scenes we do get demonic descriptions as if it’s more than crash hugging/kissing her. I did have the feeling it would get to be like the Confessor skill in Terry Goodkind’s books. You know, it’s a horrible kill-joy skill unless you’re terribly in love. Awesome! But you really shouldn’t have let that slip.

          • Please please kill Tristan! Burn is nice. Tristan is irritating and I just don’t like him. He gets on my nerves. So kill Tristan.

            • Oh no, please don’t kill Tristan:( nor Burn of course.I know, everyone is annoyed by him, but he’s actually charming and super sweet.He just loves the wrong girl at the wrong time, but he has a good heart for sure.And by the way, I couldn’t bear another death.Dorian was enough for me and it still hurts me that you let him die because he was making the series funny and he was such a lovely character.Any chance for him to awaken from the dead in some way?XD

    26. Just please don’t kill Crash or Sora, they are perfect for each other and deserve a happy (and romantic) ending.

    27. This series is so amazing! I love everything about it and i’m glad after reading all these comments that so many people are with me on the Crash and Sora concept! If they made a movie out of this I think I would die! I am such a fangirl! I can’t seem to get crash and sora out of my head majorly hoping that they get together!

    28. Interesting theories running around! This is going to be wonderful…

      Shreffler, still no release date?

    29. I don’t really know where this comment belongs, I might as well put it here.

      I think it’s hilarious how you keep a blog about writing problems, writing philosophy and writing progress. If you’re the organized sort, I think it’s brilliant.

      I write as well and in my experience, I can get up to 95% and then scrap the whole thing and go back to 0% or another number. For your fan’s sake, I hope you don’t scrap often.

      • Thanks Daine! I haven’t scrapped anything that’s 95% finished but I’ve gone back plenty of times to delete chapters, rewrite sections of a book, etc. I’m sure you can understand based on that why I’m hesitant to announce a release date before the first draft is finalized. Wouldn’t want to announce one date, then have to push it back, etc. etc. For now I’m shooting for an August release date. I was hoping June but realized I needed to rewrite chunks of the middle so that pushed the release date back a bit. For my readers’ sake, I want to make the story as close to perfect as I can get it. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I intend Book 4 to be the best in the series so far.

        • I LOVE your books. I don’t think I can wait till August. I told my sister the release will prob be in August. She almost fell on the floor with sadness. Not pressuring or anything, please hurry!!!!

        • How many books are you planning on writing for this series?

    30. I love your books! I especially like that Crash and Sora take their time falling for eachother. Is it hard to write in the same series all of the time? Do you draw the characters you write about? What is your favorite genre of books?

      • Hi Jessica! Glad you’re enjoying the series. It can be hard writing the same series if an author runs out of inspiration, but it’s easy at the same time because as an author, you just keep building the world and “growing” the characters. It all becomes so comfortable and familiar after a while! Yes I draw the characters I write about, I created most of the art on this site. And my favorite genre to read is fantasy of all kinds…urban, epic and anything in between. It never gets old. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Lately I’ve been enjoying Mists of Avalon and Cinder.

    31. Sooo… I haven’t read Caprions Wings yet because I didn’t think it would tie in with the series… Is Sora in it at all? Do I need to read it to?

      • Hi Shekea! To answer your question, Sora is not in Caprion’s Wings. Caprion’s Wings takes place about 8 years before Crash and Sora ever met. But it will give you big insight into Caprion’s role in Book 4 and a possible romantic entanglement…knowing his background will definitely enrich your reading experience during the next book. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • I was skeptical about it too. I was part angry the final book hadn’t come out yet and thought the novella was a distraction.

        But I went ahead and read it. It’s that way with a series you just find, you freak out over it for a couple of weeks and then check back every other week for progress.

        I read it anyway. You should definitely read it. It’s my favorite of the four books out. But then again, everyone picks a different favorite.

        • Thanks Daine! I’m delighted that the novella changed from a big frustration into your new favorite installment. How very cool! ~TL

    32. Wow! The excerpt was AMAZING! So excited! :O You know… you could always post the next three chapters too…. ;D I would be more than happy to review. XD

      • Lol nice try Jordan! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I only posted what I knew wouldn’t be changed. Even then, the prologue looks like it’ll receive a few small changes… Writing is really a forward/backward/squiggly maze-like process…

    33. Hi, we love your books, they’re one of our favourite series. Really hope Crash and Sora get together quickly, but we would like to see some jealousy from Crash towards other men that want Sora in the City of Crowns. We love the way you’ve developed the characters, and can’t wait for the next book. P.S. Please don’t kill off any of the other characters, especially Crash and Sora. You are one of our favourite authors, please publish the book as soon as possible: we can’t wait until the end of August. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    34. Can soar pull crashes inner demon out? Free him form some fears as she grow strong enough will leaving him in place. I mean there to different creators. The cat eye done similar thing. I feel like it could settle some of his real fear and let them finally be together. ?

    35. So, uh August 31! Yay, except that’s the other end of summer!

      Aye-aye-aye… this is what it was like waiting for Order of Phoenix to come out…

      FYI, shreffler, I’m refusing to read the chapters you’ve posted. I have no doubt that they are good, but if I’m going to go all fan-like, I’d rather it would be over the whole thing.

      Although, now that I think about, I could turn it into a little game, see if I can a plotline you’re likely to follow or something like that. You know, make predictions see if they come true… It’s a thought, but I believe there is some integrity to reading the whole thing at once.

    36. Hope they make this in to a movie. I think that if you make this into paperback or hard cover, you will earn more and get more supporters so you could make a movie. If this was put in a bookstore or at least the library, so many people would like it. There is something that really captures the readers attention and your books have it. It has action, risks, romance and life sacrificing/ saving. I can’t wait till the next book comes out!!!!!!!!!

    37. While I could deliver another usual fan post about how great the books are, I won’t. Instead, I will simply share that every time Imagine Dragon’s song “Demons” comes on the radio, images of Crash and excerpts from the books shuffle through my brain like a deck of cards.

      • … This is now going to happen to me too everything I hear that song. I never realised it was such a good fit haha x

        • God !! The lyrics are perfect! Perfect fit! OMG

          • Omg I’m gonna have those lyrics stuck in my head now. Perfect fit! Shreffler you sure you didn’t think of crash after you heard the song? Have you heard the song? Cos you totally need to!

    38. OMG YES!!!! Caption and Sora should totally get together!!! And then I want to know Crash’s reaction and then he and sora should get back together.

      • I am going to ask you to avoid giving instructions about where you live because after reading that comment, I have a strong inclination to slap you hard upside the head. Caprion has a person who is perfect for him. Sora has Crash. So the pairing you have suggested is quite… I don’t have the appropriate word to describe how outrageous it is.

        That aside, you’re of course welcome to your own opinion.

    39. I have to say, these are probably the best books I’ve ever read…and I’ve read a lot. I love how you’re not rushing the relationship and allowing it to develop. A lot of authors ruin what could be good books by doing exactly that. I love how you know that Crash cares, but he’s careful not to show it too much, and it keeps that mysterious about him. Hope him and Sora end up together! I’m hooked and am so glad there are going to be more than 4 in this series. Highly anticipating the next installment. You are an extremely talented writer and will no doubt read anything else you write after this series concludes.

    40. I love all of the books and I really think you should have caprion and sora get together just to make crash jealous because if crash and sora don’t end up together I’m going to freak

      • hahaha I think I’d have my front door beaten down by angry villagers if Crash and Sora didn’t end up together…. :p

        • I have absolutely no doubt that would happen, as I would be among them. *seriousface*

        • You know what? If I were you, I’d try it just to check that idea, see if people would do it.

          Though, please don’t. Sora and Crash simply make sense.

          • I’d be with them too!!!!

    41. So that’s why it wasn’t on my kindle this morning! It’s not coming out until October. Oh well. Looking forward to it.

    42. I’ll admit, I was disappointed that the release date is getting pushed back so far. I was really looking forward to the best read of the entire year at the end of my summer vacation. ;p But I know that if you need that much more time to continue and finish, it’s probably just going to be even more crazy epic. ;} I really can’t wait!

      • Best series Ive read ever!! I read a lot too so that’s saying something haha I have read through the series twice now and I have to say it was even better the second time. I first read it sometime in may and then decided to wait to reread until the end of summer just to preserve its epicness!! It was amazing! I noticed things that the reader just doesn’t notice the first time through. Like the whole mess with krait possibly being moss possibly being bug. Definitely missed that!! But you have to read caprion’s wings to fully get that one. There were other instances too!! It just made me realize what an amazing author you truly are. You were able to connect all these pieces from your books and intertwine them. Though there is one thing that is bothering me. Dorian begins calling the assassin Crash the night that Sora gets kidnapped. I figured this was because Sora ran into Crash in her manor, but Dorian couldn’t have known that since he wasn’t there. He was back at camp. He calls the assassin Crash right as Sora and him get to camp. I have no idea why this bothers me, but if you could have it cleared up for me that would be great. Maybe I’m just misinterpreting why Dorian calls the assassin Crash haha love your books though and I cant wait for the next installment!!! Seriously I. can. not. wait. Sorry for the length! :p

    43. Am I the only one hoping Moss is Bug and bug is Krait. And that she and Caprion will get together. And while we are on the topic I will hear none of this Caprion and Sora crap. It’s Crash and Sora. They need to get together. They are perfect for each other and after reading Caprion’s wings, it was decided. He can only have Moss…. Ugh so many passionate feels… Please I need this next book. I know its coming out late due to making it the best book ever but if you can throw in some more Ferran and Lori scenes …. CrashXSora forever!!!!!

      • your not the only one who wants Moss and Caprion together XD I’m in this one with you sister

    44. I am 66 yrs young and I am hooked on the book..or books..I am also happy to see the author interacting with the readers. I think that is very special. Thank you T.L. Shreffler.
      I have been on Amazon trying to find book 4 for my Kindle. I’ve looked everyday since I finished book 3. Patiently waiting..
      I read a lot of books and this series is by far the best I’ve read. It was so hard for me to put the kindle away for the night…but at my age I need all the sleep I can get…lol
      Please T.L.Shreffler..keep the books coming..

    45. So I’m really excited and impatient about this book coming out, especially not since the release date has been pushed back. Will we be able to get this book on pre-order? The suspense is killing me! Keep up the good work c:

    46. I know it’s going to be agony to wait for book 4, but I’ll wait as long as I have to if it’ll make it even better!!

      I “ditto” someone else’s comment.. I haven’t been this hooked on a series since Harry Potter came out. I LOVE the character development, you have a knack for making each of the characters so *real*.

      Two things about Crash and Sora that I *really* appreciate… first, that (as someone else said) he hasn’t flipped from being super tough guy to super mushy guy. He has his own demon to battle (figuratively *&* literally!) and it’s delicious watching him “unfold”. (I’m 49, and have a total “character crush” going on… lol)

      and secondly, thank you for not getting crass with their “entanglements”. Nothing turns me off of a book faster than TMI… even when Sora was about to get “used”, it was scary, but not “nasty”. I’m more interested in the story, than the sordid details.

      Caprion’s Wings was very enjoyable… I liked finding out about his back-story, and the way it played out, it seems clear that it’ll explain some of his actions in the upcoming book. I’m looking forward also to Dorian’s backstory.. you mentioned writing it.. when do you think that one will be available?

      Thank you so much for rubbing elbows with your readers ๐Ÿ™‚ and keep up the good work!! I’ll definitely be following your writings!!

    47. Hello from France, I’m so happy I found these books because they are just amazing, I never felt the feels this much reading a book in my life and I read a lot. I don’t know if someone already asked because I didn’t read all the comments but do the books exist in paperback ? And do you know what is the release date exactly because it just says October. Also I can’t find it nowhere to pre-order it so I’m king of worried.

      The relationship between Crash and Sora is the most well developed and slow building I have ever read and it really feels real because they went through all the steps before having real feelings for each others. That’s funny to see in the first book they hardly spoke to each other, I think they have something like only one real conversation when they sat in the tree and as the books goes, they began to build something really intense.

      I love the action I don’t know how you can come with so many ideas. I love the second characters especially Dorian (yes I’m in complete denial, he’s not dead to me even if he’s been buried and all, I know he’s not dead because I think he could have had so much more development and his death was so sudden, Sora [and me] didn’t have the chance to say goodbye to him while he was still alive, I’m still upset about this ^^).

      I don’t know how I’m going to survive one or two more years to know how it ends, I don’t even know how I am going to survive one month because I can’t stop thinking about this book and I can’t concentrate on my class and all because all I think is when am I going home to read this series and know what happens next. If I had these books in paperback I think I will take them everywhere with me just to reread my favorite moments (and it would take a long time since they are many). Sorry for the wall I just wrote but when I began discussing about a book I loved I can’t stop talking about it, I just hope you will have time to read this and answer my questions ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I’m SO with you! I can’t stop thinking about the books, and the characters! I’ve been devouring other books of the same genre to keep my mind off of the fact I have no idea when the next book will be released but it’s not helping! I hope it’s soon! Like October 1. ๐Ÿ™‚

    48. I think that Caprion is traveling to the main land to find “his” assasin. And honestly, if Crash doesn’t get to be with Sora, it is as good as saying that NO ONE can love him. The way that all the other characters seem to ignore,give a wide bearth to, or try to remove him, it is obvious that Sora having a feeling for him is about the only positive and loving interaction he will get. I do wonder about the similarities that keep popping up between Sora and her bunch and the first wanderers. There are just so many things that are going on that I just can’t wait to read the next book. I would LOVE to see a movie or a mini series made off this series. (as long as they didn’t butcher it. But it might be hard to butch do to how good the story line is. But hey that is Hollywood for you, take what you love and find a way to mess it up.)

      • LOL ๐Ÿ˜€ I loved how you put that. Yes, it’s a real beauty and the beast scenario, and this beast is a glutton for self-punishment, apparently. Because it’s just, hehe, Sora’s it, buddy. You shove her away, and that’s that. No one else is even friendly towards you, except maybe Burn. Sora’s the only one that does – and will ever- harbor amorous feelings for you. :p Everyone else is terrified of your shadow, quite literally. And we know he knows this… lol.. get it together, bro.

        • You’re my bestfriend you know that haha I love how you comment soo much. It’s as if you check the website all the time. I would say you almost love the novels as much as me, but not quite ๐Ÿ˜€

          • Heh.. heh.. I wouldn’t say I check it ALL the time… *quickly deletes browser history* Just like, twice a day. XD And sorry… but I don’t think there are many others that love it as much as me. ;p

    49. Still not out? I have exercised remarkable restraint and still have not read the early first three chapters. Nowadays I don’t obsess about this series anymore. It only occurs to me when I miss a good book. As many books are written these days, its amazing how many are actually not good. As rigorous as the process is, you’d expect the products to be spectacular. But that’s publishing for you. Anyway, make it good sheffler! (I know I spelled it wrong)

    50. I downloaded sora’s quest when I first ran across it about a year ago. I didnt get around to reading it until last month. In a way I want to kick myself for waiting so long. Then again if I had read it back then I would be in more agony than I am currently waiting for the next book to come out. I need more Crush/Sora. I am a fan of adventure and TL your fighting scenes leave me biting my nails & recieving strange looks from strangers as i make worried faces at my kindle. Keep the books coming <3

      • Ahh I mean Crash & Sora! lol!

    51. will Ferran’s Map be out by the end of October? I’m going nuts waiting. Sora and Crash HAVE to end up together, there’s really no other way to go without ruining the series.Oh and if you could find some way for Burn to have a happy ending that would be nice too.

    52. Wondering when the exact date is in October. Hopefully it soon

    53. it’s October now !!! I can’t wait for this book to come out

    54. Oh man is this book gonna be out soon I’m so pumped for it! I just brought the last 4 ! And read them all please please let it be out soon!

    55. Is there an exact date book 4s coming out? Cause this suspense is starting to kill me. Like loads.

    56. I’ve waited for what seems a long time for this book to come out. I’ve read the first three books multiple times, and though I know what’s goin to happen, I still feel like I’m reading it for the first time. Anyways when is Ferran’s Map coming out? An exact date would be nice! I’m a patient person but the suspense is killing me! I’m eager to find out what happens with Crash and Sora!

      • I know exactly how you feel. I’m patient but the suspense is killing me. Such a good book.

        • I know what you mean. But I can wait. I have patience falling out of my ears. I just really hope it comes out THIS month. Don’t care if it’s tomorrow or the 31st. Just October! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

          • Can you donate some of that patience? Lol I’m dying over here!

            • Ditto! I’m so impatient, and I’ve already started dreading what I’ll have to endure after I’ve read “Ferran’s Map” and have to wait for the next installment! Torture. Sweet torture.

    57. I was hoping this Ferran’s Map would be out last week, before I surrender to the monstrous amount of grading I need to be doing. You see, while grading, I can’t actually read whatever I like until I’m done. So I hope you don’t tempt me. Wait a week more, giving me time to finish.

    58. I always love crashes POV. I look forward to them in every book I can’t wait for the book to come out I check your website every day and when I saw that it was in editing I started freaking out I had a total fan girl moment

    59. I am so beyond exited for Ferran’s map!!! I’ve totally been stalking this website just to see when it’s coming out! Absolutely LOVE this series!!!

    60. I can’t wait for Ferran’s Map to come out. this is really a great series to read. love these books. thanks for sharing your talent with us

    61. I really really hate love triangles! They make me so anxious I go to the last chapter to find out what’s going on and not go back and read the rest of the book. Crash and Sora do not need anymore complications in there relationship. I was thinking that Caprion and Moss ( Krait )would find each other. THAT would be cool! And Burn’s? He so needs to find some more Wolfies.

    62. Oh man I hate when I misspell words! Their not there, and Wolfy not Wolfie! good grief! Love these books. When a new one comes out I start from the first book to the last one released.

    63. PLEASE RELEASE THE BOOKS SOON. the suspense is killing me.

    64. I am so glad crash and sora weren’t insta love thing and that the story doesn’t solely focus on romance

    65. I just bet you it’s going to come out on the last day of October. I don’t want to wait that long!

    66. I must agree with everyone else — I’m dying for the book to be released! How many more days must I wait?!

    67. UM has anyone else reread the series like three times? or is it just me? I REread the Sora’s quest, Volcrian’s hunt, and the first three chapters of Ferran’s map like twice since October started. I wasn’t able to put myself through Viper’s Creed because I cried my eyes out the first time and I rather not relive that. LOL. Anyways I’m going crazy here! I wake up each morning just to check facebook, twitter and the website for updates. Please T.L. Shreffler end my misery soon… lots of love, an obsessed fan. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Updates are on the way! Expect an announcement very soon. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ~TL

        • Thanks Cant wait. This is so exiting. I can only imagine how you feel

    68. Well, done grading so have at it shreffler. Not many days left in October.

    69. Haha your not the only one I’ve reread the entire series like 4 or 5 times so I know what happened

    70. I got so excited about the book coming out this month that I’m going as Sora for Halloween. I can’t wait!

    71. Oh man oh man oh man oh man OH MAN! Everyday in October I have looked on here and amazon and iBook and my emails waiting for this book. Seriously this series is AMAZEBALLS! I’m in love with crash *swoons* I agree with the others I have re read the books and the first 3 chapters of farrens map a billion times and I pretty much dribbled my own sea from how sexy viper sounds doing his work out on the boat! Honestly who wouldn’t picture them selfs sitting with sora? Because I sure as hell was there with my binoculars. See this is what happens when I get to excited about a book getting released I get all crazy haha oh well please let this book come out soon <3

      • I know how you feel! I think that when the book gets released I’m going to cry for 5 minutes and then start reading it. I would be to excited to do anything else! SOON IS NOT SOON ENOUGH! lol also I am super in LOVE with Crash too! ๐Ÿ™‚

    72. torture is having to wait for a good book…bliss is finally getting it.

      • You’re forgetting the agony associated with finishing it and realizing you’re not getting a book like that again for a very long time.

        • well yes there’s that too, and then there is the horror that comes when you can’t find a good book that doesn’t have a love triangle or “insta love” seriously it’s like trying to find white snow in a dog park.

    73. I was on this website on August 31st, and I’ve been here every day in October. I’m pretty sure I’m going to put my life on hold the minute that this book comes out.

      • I’m so glad I’m not the only one. I have been checking the website every. single. day. in October. I thought I was going to die waiting until August 31, then I didn’t know how I was going to handle waiting until Ocotober 1st, now I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to do if October 31st comes and goes and there still isn’t another book. I’m on the mailing list, but I’m still paranoid that I’m going to miss the release date announcement somehow. Sigh.

        • If uve got a kindle, check on there. It’s wat I’ve been doing.

          () ()
          (ยค ยค)

    74. I feel like I’m being tortured here !! I spend most of my time reading and have re read all of these books about 4 times in the last month or so !! So excited for Feran’s map ….

      Reading through everyone’s comments I can’t help but agree with everyone saying no love triangle! The relationship between Sora an Crash is fragile enough as it is, if Caprion gets involves then Crash would go ‘ape sh*t crazy’ excuse the language.

      I only read Caprions novella the other day and I can 100% recomend everyone read it (If only to fill the torturous gap left by the absense of book 4! ) it’s a great look into Caprions life before his wings and there are lots of sneaky little hints and clues .. At least I think there are, I might just be going mad!

      My parting note is to the beautiful T.L.Shreffler. Keep it up and if you have to torture us to get it perfect then please do !! It’s anticipation at its best โ˜บ๏ธโ˜บ๏ธ

      – Kali xxx

    75. I just need to say i love this series and i have been on pins and needles waiting for news about when Ferran’s map would be released. I am perfectly happy to be tortured in order to get a perfect finished product but is there any way to convince your publisher to give us a realease date? please? Will chocolate help? I make a killer fudge!

    76. so basically this series is a rare and wonderful find. Good job Ms. Shreffler!

    77. This waiting is killing me! It’s not out yet! Please please pretty please hurry! Am rereading the series at the moment.

    78. PLEASE release this book!!! I’m slowly dying in crash induced withdrawl symptoms!!! Seriously though…i’m suffering ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Who isn’t? Shreffler my life force is dependent on that book! I am dying slowly, as it’s not out yet! Hurry please.

      • Who isn’t? Shreffler my life force is dependent on that book! I am dying slowly, as it’s not out yet it is coming out tomorrow?

        • Oook I just posted the same comment twice. Sorry!

    79. Well, it’s October 30th and still no book…at this point, I’m just twiddling my thumbs and hoping for a new release date for the very near future… I’ve been holding off on re-reading the series as it will only make me crazy with anticipation, but I think it’s safe now to skim through them at least.

      I’m really hoping to see Crash get taken down a notch or two, just temporarily… I’d like to see him jealous…always so cool and collective that Crash, making Sora blunder and trip over herself…


      • That’s actually a good idea. Hehe now I’m getting the giggles at crash blundering over himself and sora being cool and collective. Lol x)

        • I agree! It would be great to see Crash being jealous! I’m also very interested in how the characters from Sora’s quest are going to be introduced here. I say if it’s not out by tomorrow we should get a sneak peak of at least two more chapter. I think I began to memorize the prologue and the first two chapters of Ferran’s map! I NEED MORE!!!!!

          • I so agree with you! It’s 31st in England and still not out! Please by midnight.

            • I’m sort of wondering if the captain of the guard is going to try to court Sora. He was at her blooming performance, he caught her scarf, and he tried to talk to her before Crash appeared. I’m sure we have some delicious jealousy coming…..

    80. 31st pleeeeeeease say it’s out tonight at midnight it’s Halloween come on please let it come out today I will love u forever (even though I love ya for making this series) I’ll love u even more!

    81. Ok so it is now the 31st of October, around noon here in Australia, I’m starting to wonder if the book will be released in October. However I do realize that America is 12 or so hours behind time. Fingers crossed. Can’t wait!!

    82. I hope this is the last boom in the series! I cant wait like this again! Lol

    83. About four hours until its October 31 in America! Ahhh can’t wait any longer! I do wonder though would it be released on Oct. 31 12:00 a.m., Oct.31 11:59 p.m. Or in between ahhhh hurry though

    84. Sad-oh-sad! ๐Ÿ™ I just saw that post from the author explaining the new plan for the release, I feel like a little kid that was just told Santa isn’t real.”Before the end of the year”…Thanks for letting us know though.

      • I feel the same! Except for me it’s the easter bunny. I watched rise of the gaurdians and decided that the easter bunny was cooler than ssnta. But ‘dittoing’ jenniflowers comment thanks for letting us no.

      • What’s the new plan for the release date??

    85. What’s the new release date????

    86. October has come and gone! When is the next book going to come out? I really hope soon!

    87. Ugh, I understand why you want to move the relase date. I really, do. I just want it to come sooner. Thank you though for updating us on the new date. I am super pumped, although a little disappointed but I understand. Thanks so much. While I wait anyone have any good books to read?

      • the Emperors Edge series is pretty good, and it’s got a dark broody Assassin character who is a lot like Crash.

        • Try the “servant of the shard” by R. A. Salvator. It’s about a stoic assassin very much like Crash and an enigmatic mercenary. This book could stand alone, but check out the Drizzt or Dark Elf series. They must have enhanced my enjoyment of the Cat’s Eye Chronicles.

        • YESSSS, I actually read the Emperor’s Edge series before I discovered This series and all its amazingness!! It was pretty great but that dark, broody assassin will never compare to Crash and all HIS wonders ๐Ÿ˜€ But still I highly recommend it for readers especially if you enjoy this series.

        • Thanks so much Nicole! Can’t wait to start reading!

        • I just finished The Emperor’s Edge series and I LOVED it! Great recommendation!

    88. Has book four been published yet? Can’t find it anywhere!

    89. when will the fourth book be coming out?

    90. Shreffler, darling, I give you permission to put off publishing until Dec. 22nd. And then I’d like it ASAP. I’d prefer to read your work right when it comes out but I’ll be too swamped to do so if you publish before then.

      On the other hand, darling, just do whatever it is you think is best. And don’t you dare forget, fans will be fans and there is nothing you can do about it–other than make the next installment be horrible, but I don’t think you actually want to do that.

      Keep that big smile and know we’re behind you.

      (Thought I’d pop in, since no one has commented after the october release date was postponed)

    91. I… just wanted to know if you’re still… like, alive? Not meaning it in a bratty way, but really curious. I hope you haven’t gotten sick or anything. I don’t get on Facebook, so I wouldn’t know about any updates, unless they were here. But, as I’ve said before, I’d wait forever for these books. As much as I want Ferran’s Map (like yesterday) I know the suspense will only make me treasure book 4 more. After all, I never had to wait for the other books. This one is sure to be my favorite.

      • I really hope the next one comes out soon! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Hi Jordan, I am alive and well! Just very busy adding the final touches to Ferran’s Map. ~TL

    92. I love these books, but devoured them at lightning speeds! Do we have ANY updates on Ferran’s Map? I’m getting withdrawal!

    93. When is the 4th book coming out

      • Yeah when is it? And pls say uve killed off tristan! Ok now im starting to sound like a physycopath. Sorry to those of u who think im mad. And those who dont.

    94. If Sora and Crash don’t end up together I will burn the world down!! Um.. Yeah. T.L., you should be proud that your work can incite such powerful feelings, lol it is a huge compliment, trust me! ….maybe a weird and violent one, but a compliment all the same ๐Ÿ™‚
      Brilliant story telling, I love books that make me feel so invested in the characters!

    95. I think I might actually be going crazy. I check for updates everyday for Ferran’s Map. I don’t think I have ever anticipated a series as much as this one. For the sake of my sanity any hope it will be released soon? ; )

    96. I keep trying to distract myself with other books and other things but once they are finished I’m still left with this hole… this desire to read the rest of the Cat’s Eye Chronicles! I really hope that the next one is interesting with good development between Crash and Sora and that it is long enough to make up for all the extra time waiting. Good luck on Ferran’s Map ๐Ÿ˜‰ I could never spellbind people with words the way you do.

    97. OHMYGOSH. My mind has just been blown. Because I am an obsessed young woman who thinks about this series all the time, every single day, I was repeating Sora,Burn, Crash, Burn Crash Sora a lot in my head (don’t you judge me) (needed to pass the time) then I took out Sora and kept saying Burn, Crash, Crash, Burn, Crash and Burn- then I was like OMG “Crash AND Burn” like the frigging saying that describes my heart after the last 20 pages of Volcrian’s Hunt!

      Hopes and optimism and general happiness will CRASH AND BURN by the last three pages, with only the teeniest spark of “maybesomethinggoodwillhappeninbook4” left inside.


      (I apologize in advance for subjecting others to my partially damaged mind.)

    98. I still check this site every day for the realise date of this amazing book and I’m litterlty sitting on edge I’ve told all my friends to read this amazing series and now they too cannot wait for this book please for the love of all that is amazing let this book come out soon! Yours truly an obsessed reader

    99. when book 4 out ferrans map

    100. Is book 4 still coming out before Christmas ? I have reread all of them I can’t wait for ferrans map to come out I’m so excited please any word on a release date :}

    101. You have 5 days left to release ferrans map if your going to stay true to your earlier post x you can do it x
      Just gonna say quickly that I love your books and I can’t wait until the new addition to the series is out, I have litteraly been looking at this site ‘nearly’ every day just to find something on this site to fill my crora appetite ๐Ÿ™‚ also please don’t put in a love triangle cause they aren’t my favourite thing I have to admit x

      • Does anyone else at this point really detest her editors?? Goddess, she said the book was done already and that all we were waiting on was the go ahead from them…well after the book was being split. Back in November for the wind-Goddesses sake! Man-oh-man read these comments editors. We want it!! December 25 is days away. ๐Ÿ™

        • Yes I really don’t like her editors, but I can’t complain cause my aunt was an editor and she would reread her work all the time. Everytime they come in she brings something new in. So maybe her editors are prefectionists. I dont care. I have waited so long, I wont care about a few little mistakes. Some of the greatest books I have ever read have spelling errors.

    102. Christmas is 2 days from now. Bummer! we still don’t have an update on the book release. Patiently waiting for the book….

    103. I’ve checked this site four times today :p Sooo exited! I’ve read all your books now, and everything on your website lol. Not obsessed…. โ˜บ๏ธ

    104. Meeeeeh please let this come out soon it’s Xmas soon!

    105. Yayy I can not wait so excited me and my iPhone are doing a victory dance right now

    106. Yayy I can not wait so excited me and my iPhone are doing a victory dance right now yay

    107. Sorry wrot it twice ๐Ÿ™

    108. T.L.!!! When is it coming out? I cannot wait any longer or my head will implode!!! It’s almost Christmas and that would be the best present you could give me. Love your books, please let this one come out soon, and tell your editors to read our comments!

    109. Are you still breathing/talking/writing??? Cause i’m DYING to to read the 4th book!! Please please please release us(Your insane fandom) from this suffering of waiting!!

      Or please update us on your progress/current state of health


    110. HURRY! Sec. 25 is over in T-Minus 2 hours and 29 minutes or something! (Sorry I suck at mental math.) ALL OF YOUR READERS ARE DYYYING! (not meant to be sassy.) I have a couple questions:

      1. WHEN IS IT BEING RELEASED????!?!!?!!!?!?!?!!
      2. Will it be available at Barnes and Noble or is it just electronic?

      PS: One more:
      WHEN IS IT COMING OUT?!?!!?!?!?!!!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!!?!?!???!?!?!?!?!!?!?!!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? please let it be before the new year!!!!!

    111. Ahh is insane I think I need to get my insanity checked on because I’m going, crazy you have got an hour and fourth eight minutes left lady lol ๐Ÿ™‚

    112. I can’t wait for the release! I’ve been talking about it non-stop around my family, I was gifted tons of amazon cards this year and I’m so ready to start on the 4th book the second it is released!

    113. I give up :{

      • Well, not entirely, of course. But still.

    114. Uhhh, yeah, sorry but this is bull. I understand editing factors and all that but over a month ago (almost two) you said it would be “definitely” out before christmas and no updates since . . .no book either. Way to make your fans feel ignored and unappreciated, the people who spend their money on your books. Thanks.

    115. Well, ok. I’m not that disapointed, I am going to guess that they are still editing it. I would like it all the way edited before it comes out. I just hope it comes out soon

      (None of this is meant to be sassy, or negative)

    116. Ok, it is now officially the 1st January 2015 over here in the UK. And still no book.. *deep melodramatic sigh* xO -I’m just going to go cry now due to my Crash withdrawal symptoms.. ๐Ÿ™ don’t mind me..

    117. It is now midday 01/01/2015 in Australia and still there is no book… I can hold on a little longer but I would love to hear that the Author is alive and when she plans to release the book… I just love it so much.

    118. I had planned on leaving a disgruntled sort of message, but I think it’s safe to say that I just can’t bring myself to be negative towards you, lol. I might pout a bit, but never hate. :p I look forward to a hopeful release in January of this upcoming year. I know personally how hard it is to love what you do when it feels like the people around you are just rushing you and complaining, and it’s like they just don’t understand the desire you have to deliver the most perfect product possible or you won’t be satisfied with yourself. I hope you don’t feel overwhelmed or rushed. We won’t die if the release is pushed back farther, after all. ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you had a wonderful holiday season with your family.

    119. I completely agree with Jordan, especially the holiday well wishes! I am, however, just hoping that you could pretty please give us an update on the possible release date! I am unbelievably excited and some sort of estimate would just be helpful for my peace of mind, lol. As opposed to obsessively checking this site, your personal site and your facebook 100 times a day.
      Keep up the good work!
      We love you!!

      • I can competly understand. My friends and I write stories together l te=he time on Google Docs. We finally finsihed the first one and writing the second (YAY)! Sometimes we write a story on our own and then invite everone to read it and the wait is so hard when we know that they should be typing. But as a (trying) writer you want everything to be perfect.

    120. Yes ^^^^^ please some sort of update!

    121. Meeeeeeh! First of id like to wish you a happy New Years and everyone else :). Please let this book come out soon I’m having ice viper with drawls. I’m starting to find other characters in books with green eyes sexy wolffish looks and black hair! Just to make up for it haha. Really needing me some sora and viper please soon! Happy holidays

    122. I swear if this book is terrible I’m going to go mental ๐Ÿ™‚ that wasn’t a threat by the way I’m sure it will be amazing.

    123. HEEEYY!!!! CANNOT WAIT FOR FERRAN’S MAP when will it come out please? please?

    124. How long do we have to wait for ferrans map I have lost count on how many times I have read the first three books

    125. Hey has anyone written a fanfic I want to read one I would write one myself but am already writing one called the blood moon. Chronicles on

    126. I don’t think the hold up is TL at this point; I think she has finished the writing (and hopefully finishing up the fifth book :). I think we all need to start harassing the publisher to give us the book. Those dirty, rotten publishers are like dragons guarding their hoard. They love to sit on books after they are finished. I think I would be ok with that if I could somehow get on the advanced copy list……still trying to figure out how to do that…hmmmm.

      • Haha we do need to talk to the publishers

    127. Yay should be out before end of January finally !! So very excited look on her fb page guys woot !:)

      • That’s what they said about last August… and October…. and December….

        • Lol, we are ever the optimists… ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • We are. I feel bad cause I made my friend read this series and she has to wait too. I just hope it comes out eventually

            • haha Same I recommended this to my sister and she read it and now she has to wait as well… Can’t wait, I’m so excited!!

    128. Let’s just start this of by saying OMG! So I heard on face book that this book is going to be out at the end of the month seriously if that’s the case I’ll cry, I’ll cry tears of joy that I’ll be reunited with my honey viper! (Hey come on don’t judge every sane reader has there book crushes mine just so happens to be the drop dead gawjus hunky assassin in this series) also I’ll cry tears of joy that I finally get to read more to this amazing series! I hope the wait is up because I’ve been watching this website and Facebook since October for a release. Further more happy new years everyone

    129. Even just a new release date would make me feel better! Give back the hope!

    130. I need this book I’m on withdrawal it’s the only thing that can cure my nobookitis gimme plssss

    131. I love Crash and Sora’s relationship, and I really hope they end up together, because if not im just going to cry my eyes out! They’re just to perfect together for them to not end up with each other….

    132. Can’t wait for the 20th of January for this book to be released.

    133. January 20th can not come any sooner can it? The days will go by so slow now. But to keep up hope we only have a week left, I mean it gets closer everyday. It keep myself enternained I am reading all the other books until this one comes out. I have to keep myself on a page limit.

    134. I will die if this doesn’t come out soon…
      Please TL Shreffler!!!! We are dying!!!! Your fans are going into depression,and pretty soon you won’t have any money because we will all be committing suicide!!!

      • No I am joking

        • No really I’m joking. That was a joke. What, it’s not funny?

          Oh alright. I will do another one:

          Why did the chicken cross the road? For a perfectly legitimate reason.
          No? Oh alright. I know what you are saying. “Lady, that’s not a joke, that’s a sentence!!!!”

          Meh. Just release the book pleeeease!!!

          • Al-most th-ere, guys. So close.

      • Bwahaha you rock XP

    135. I just have to point out that the song “Demons” by imagine dragons fits perfectly. It just reminds me so much of how Crash feels about Sora.

    136. Woooo!! Not kong to go now I’m all but counting down the seconds! The cats eye chronicals are by FAR my favourite book series and I think T.L. Shreffler is my new favourite author for 2 years now! I can’t wait for book 4!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    137. I have just finished Ferrans map….. T.L.Shreffler you have outdone yourself ! The story was so full of twists that I never saw most of the things that happen coming !! And the relationships between the characters are just brilliant! Unlike most stories at the moment the more serious relationships between characters like Sora and Crash are not rushed and there has not been one soppy story at all! I am so, so upset that I have to wait yet again for another book but to make a story this good takes time, thank you and well done. – Georgia Kali Wyldbore xxx

      • Ahhhh, I’m so jealous, lol. I’m still waiting to get it. >.< You lucky girl. ;p

        • It’s worth the wait! Believe me aha x

      • Damn Kali! I can’t wait for it! How long did it take for you to finish it? Your a true fan.

    138. Yay I got my book cant wait to read it. Thanks

      • Where did you get it? It’s not showing for me when I try to get it from the iTunes iBooks store.

        • It’s on Amazon ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Only Amazon?

    139. I can only find it for Kindle!!! Which is not what I have!!! Does someone have a link where it’s available to download for Apple products??? Or know when that will be possible?? It says it will be released for iTunes but I can find it at all except for Kindle. Waaaahhhh

    140. It says on the homepage that it’s on amazon and all that but still processing on ITunes. It’s probably loading and going through all that mumbo jumbo. I expect it to be on my phone by tonight or I’ll Be pissed.

    141. Got the book today and I am done asome book keep it up

    142. I’m so glad Ferran’s Map is out! But does anyone know when the softcover copies of the book will be out?

      • Before February 1st! Expect to see it on Amazon. A link will be posted when Amazon updates their stock. ~TL

        • So good. Ugh now another wait.

        • Okay, thank you so much! I can’t wait to read it! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • I would like to say the vocabulary in the book is so good. I freak out every time I find one of my eighth grade vocab words and feel so smart.

          • Lol Theresa, that’s awesome! -TL

    143. Wait a minute. When it says coming soon,how soon? Like a year, a few months?I must know…. not really need to I would like to.

    144. WOW. OMG. I officially reviewed on Barnes & Noble, but wow!! It was basically everything I wanted! All the stars! My fangirling senses are tingling… lol, that sounded weird. But true! THE CRORA!


      • Jordan I loved your review!! So much energy and excitement, it almost makes me wish I can read the book anew without having written it. ๐Ÿ˜‰ So glad you enjoyed! -TL

        • Ahahaha! Well, it was the long, crazy review, so I guess you could tell it was totally mine. XD Thank you!

        • I was very confused at the end. Did Crash stay with her or not?

    145. I would like to ask when this is coming out on iTunes, because I don’t shop on Amazon or at Barnes and Noble and I’ve been reading all of your books on iTunes, which, by the way, are AMAZING…so yeah….

      • i am going to die if it doesnt come out in the next moth…pleeeeeease release it on iBooks!!!

    146. I a on page 144 of ferrans map and im sorta crying! ^-^ i wont say why though!!!!!

      • I know me too!

    147. Just finished Ferran’s Map and I was so not ready for it to end. I hit the last page and started screaming no that can’t be the end. I need more. It’s like a drug. But in a good way. Now I must go into withdrawals until Krait’s Redemption, which I hope won’t take too long to come out. *hint hint* *Big sigh* Well now I have to find something else to get lost in till the next book. Again, please let that be really really really really soon. And thank you for writing such great characters, characters that are real, they have their flaws they aren’t perfect but strive to be better every day. I love how the love interests complement each other and don’t try to change each other, but only make each other better. Need more Crash/Sora and Ferran/Lori. One more plea that Krait’s Redemption comes out soon.

      • Hi Michelle, thanks for reading and leaving such a rockin’ review! KR is going to be out much quicker than it took me to release FM….Can’t wait to get the next segment of the story out for you guys. Read on and take care! -TL

      • Hey Michelle another good book to read is The Selection by Kirea Cass, (I joped I spelled that right).

        • Therea,
          My sister gave me the first book in paperback for Christmas. So I ordered the other two from Amazon. The second one came, and I’m waiting on the third book. Can’t wait to finish that series. Thank you for the recommendation though. I did started the Division of the Marked Series by March McCarron and the Chronos Files by Rysa Walker in case you are looking for something.

          • Thanks, glad you like it. I do need something to read. CAN YOU READ MY MIND?

    148. Hav not commented in a long time, but thanks sooo much for your books! Really hoping Kraits Redemption comes out quick. BTW, anyone wanting something to read while waiting for the next books, try the throne of glass sereis by sarah j maas. Its not finished but theres 3 books and 1 book filled with novellas a;ready out.

      JUst a thought.

      S xx

      • Sally, so glad you enjoyed FM, and I love the Throne of Glass series! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ~TL

    149. This book was sooo amazing! The Crora in this book made me so happy I squealed for an hour! Ferran is perfect, I love him, and he needs to be with Lori!!! Also I have a question, will there be a romance between Caprion and Krait(akaMoss), I mean I kno she has her issues remembering but I ship them hard! CANT WAIT FOR KRAITS REDEMPTION!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I know when an author makes a book really good because, for some reason I always try to think up a character that would fit me in the book, and what I may have done in the characters place. If i can’t think so something I know the author has done a really great job.

    150. Ok so…I read the entire book the day it came out. Since then I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out how I am supposed to wait till krait’s redemption. I’m totally screwed.

    151. I know I’ve asked this before, but I have been looking for the hard copy of Ferran’s Map and can’t seem to find it. Does anyone know where to find it, or when the hard copy will be available? ๐Ÿ™‚

    152. I HATE reading unfinished series because they leave me with a big void waiting for more, and because and by the time it the next book is released my mind will already have gotten over the characters and the storyline… but I did it again with The Cat’s Eye Chronicles. Why, brain, why do you do this to yourself?? ;_; I just finished Ferran’s Map and absolutely need Krait’s Redemption, but it won’t be released until like next year since the 4th book just came out and and… I’m left to suffer waiting ._.

      Kudos for such an amazing book which is highly underrated.

    153. Congratulations on writing an engaging, fantasy epic. Love your imagination and joy of storytelling. These are great books, but in the last book you are running on the edge of high melodrama in Sora looking for signs from Crash about his love or devotion and being beset by self doubt. I understand that Sora is young, but you’ve built her story on personal growth, evolving from a spoiled, self involved simpering noble to a badass strong young woman who thinks on matters larger than herself. I’ve read a number of the comments from your fans and it’s clear that they are looking to the world you’ve built for understanding their own lives. Wouldn’t it be great if you can write a heroine who is someone to admire and love, someone who is self directed, someone who is not caught up in destructive self doubt? Similarly for Crash, you’ve written a hero is has grown and broken through his past, he is more than what his mentor taught him, more than the rules that the Hive laid down. Please don’t turn him into a weak willed simpering person, who is plagued by petty jealousy. For those young girls begging for a 3 way love triangle, isn’t that just their plea for importance, for assuaging their egos and a deep seated need for validation? Wouldn’t it be better to role model how real love can be? Which is what you’ve created between Sora and Crash? Feelings built on shared experiences, not dreams, on caring through demonstraed actions, not airy sweet flattery? It’s easire to admire a character who can see the truth, act with purpose, kindness and compassion rather than having every waking moment filled with “does he care for me.” You have the power in your books to show young minds how people can act, and not be destroyed by debilitating questions of self worth. Keep up the great work, but please don’t let your high fantasy devolve into an insipid soap opera.

      • I agree wholeheartly with you!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I โ™ฅ the Cat’s Eyes Chronicles and I enjoyed all for and a half (โ˜บ) books!

        • Sorry, meant all four and a half books… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    154. Quick question, is Kraits redemption coming out 2015 or 2016?

    155. Hello all. I absolutely love this series and I finished the last book months ago….Can anyone give me an estimate on when the next one will be released? I’m dying to know.


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