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Cerastes’ Curse (6)

Keep an eye out for Book 6 in 2018!

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Cerastes’ Curse (The Cat’s Eye Chronicles, Book 6)

Cover TBA

The key to the Dark God’s prison is missing, and the Shade–a fanatic cult of assassins–wants to find it.

Their hunt leads them to Sora, who’s living in the temple of the South Wind and studying to become a warrior of the Goddess. So far, Sora’s experience of monastic life has been disappointingly dull. When she learns of the Shade’s resurgence–and their hunt for the key–she has no choice but to seek aid from the Hive.

Crash, now a Grandmaster, doesn’t expect to encounter a face from his past. But will he help her, if it will cost him everything?

Q&A About Book 6

Will there be blood?

Yes, much of it.

Which characters can we expect to see?

Book 6 will be primarily from Sora’s POV with a few cuts to Crash. Lori, Ferran, and Burn won’t get much page-time in this book.

I’m including a brand new cast of side-characters that will both horrify and delight. Still, the narrative will revolve around Sora and Crash.

Will Book 6 be the final book in the series?

Yes, Book 6 will be the final installment in The Cat’s Eye Chronicles. I’m planning to include everything.