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Average Height
Female: 5’3″ Male: 5’8″
Average Lifespan
40-55. Short-lived if they use too much blood magic, as it takes a toll on the body.


Average Height
Female: 6’5″ Male: 6’9″
Average Lifespan

The Wolfy race is split into two factions: the mages and the mercenaries. Mages are born with silver hair and are of smaller, slighter build. Learning blood magic is a lifetime pursuit, and not every Wolfy takes to the blood arts. Mages are scholars, intellectuals and politicians, and very rarely wield a sword.

Mercenaries are giant, hulking warriors. They are the most closely related to humans and are born without magical ability, but their massive size (and muscles) make them ideal soldiers. They are disciplined, militaristic and always have a longsword at hand.

Despite having a warrior class, the Wolfies were hesitant to dive into the War of the Races, and negotiated for peace until the very end. They finally allied themselves with the Harpies, which was a terrible mistake, since the Harpies betrayed them and caused a genocide that almost wiped out the entire species.

In today’s world, there are only a handful of Wolfies left alive.

Blood Magic

Blood magic deals with the power of life and death, and is debatably the most powerful of all of the races. With the right spell, a Wolfy mage can do almost anything, from controlling one’s mind to raising the dead. Bringing the dead back to life, however, is strictly forbidden, as when the dead come back from the underworld, they can bring dark things with them….

In order to work with blood magic, a Wolfy needs sacrificial victims. Usually animals suffice, but the strongest spells require a human or one of the other races.


  1. Very interesting!!! Creepy picture though….. 0.0

  2. I got Wolfy! ( that is my favorite to be honest) sorry if I misspelled anything. I can not spe to save my life.

  3. I like wolfies i want to be one, dorian
    and burn are funny
    Im a mixture of human and the unnamed

  4. I am a Wolfy. They need a test that tells you if you are a Mage or a mercenary.

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