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Average Height
Female: 5’10” Male: 6’2″
Average Lifespan
Centuries, if not killed by illness or injury.

Harpies are known by their pale hair and bright, luminescent eyes. Created of Wind and Light, they are the “First Race” and think themselves superior to all other races. Although their magic and technology used to be very advanced, their arrogance caused their greatest downfall.

The Harpies used to live on a floating Island called Aerobourne. During the War of the Races, the humans defeated them in combat and crashed the island into the sea. The island broke into several smaller isles and wedged itself off the coast of the city of Delbar. It is now known as the Lost Isles, and the Harpies are said to still live there to this day.

A Harpy’s Wings

A Harpy’s wings may look like feather and bone, but really they are made of pure Light. All Harpies derive their magic from the stars, which is then manifested as wings.

As an adolescent, a Harpy must go to the Singing Chamber to call for his or her star. The Harpy must create a special Song that is cast far above the heavens and hope that a specific star will “sing” back. If it does, a Harpy’s wings will emerge and he or she will develop magical abilities. The size of a Harpy’s wings directly correlates to the size of their star and the amount of magic they wield. The bigger the wings, the greater the power.

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