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Average Height
Female: 5’5″ Male: 5’10”
Average Lifespan
60-70 years.

Humans are the prominent race in the Kingdom of Err. All of the other magical races were killed off during the War of the Races, which is fast fading into legend. Unlike the races of old, humans have no magical ability and know very little about its existence.

Those who live in the city enjoy limited plumbing, relative wealth and some more complicated devices like wall clocks, grand pianos, etc. City Nobility is considered the upper class (or “First Tier”) and live year-round in the Royal City of Crowns, catering to the King’s favor. City Nobility are often gifted land by the King or “incentive money” for overseas ventures. They carry the most sway in Court.

Country nobility, or the “Second Tier,” are those of Noble birth who do not have the means to live in the city. They are required to visit the Royal City of Crowns at least once a year to pay homage to the King and attend Court. They own regions of farmland and carry the weight of the Kingdom’s trade and commerce. The middle and lower classes are grouped into the “Third Tier” and live a feudal lifestyle.

Healers are humans who have studied the Healing arts. They are masters of the wilderness and know which leaf can cure a fever and which can kill you. Healers swear an oath to serve all people and all creeds, even killers and criminals. To kill a Healer is considered the worst luck of all.

“Her mother was a Healer, one of the few in the region, and some farmers traveled for weeks to see her. She always had a steady flow of work, and since moving in, Sora had learned quite a few things about the Healing trade. She had become an assistant in some ways; a personal maid in others. But that was country life, wasn’t it? One person wore a lot of hats.” ~Viper’s Creed by T. L. Shreffler

The Cat’s-Eye Stones

etsyphotosgen0The Cat’s-Eye necklaces were the reason why the humans won the War of the Races. They were discovered during a particularly dark time of the War, called the Saddened, when humans were enslaved and used and miners, house servants and arrow fodder. After discovering the stones, the tide of the war changed.

“The Cat’s Eye was not just a simple pendant. It was an old, old artifact, back from the time of the races, when the world had been at war. The necklaces protected the bearers from magic; ate it up like parasites, feeding off of the supernatural energy.”

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