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Average Height
Female: 5’0″ Male: 5’5″
Average Lifespan
60-70 years.

Dracians are notoriously mischievous. They have a keen curiosity and a disregard for rules. Before the War of the Races, it was said that “No festival is complete without a Dracian,” though Dracian festivals were often avoided, since they always led to costly property damage. Dracians are easily identified by their rich red hair and vibrant green eyes.

Jacques took a small black ball from the shorter Dracian and turned to the rest of them. “They’ve made the most wonderful invention in the kingdom across the sea. It’s called gun powder, and it makes quite satisfactory explosions. Watch this!”

Dracian Magic

dracian2_smallDracians use elemental magic. Each is born with a specific affinity for Fire, Water, Earth or Air. Only some take the time to learn how to use their magic, and some have more talent than others.

Dracians also have the ability to transform into reptilian creatures. They retain their upright, bipedal form, yet grow scales that are tougher than armor and bright, bejeweled wings. Their dragon-form tends to echo their Elemental magic. For instance, if a Dracian is talented with Water magic, then instead of growing giant wings, they might sprout fins and gills instead. Some are able to fly while some can breathe under water.

It is rumored that the greatest of all Dracian cities, Feuga Sol, was located in an underwater volcano.

“Jacques’ voice reached her faintly above the thrashing storm. “Wind Dragon! Hear me!” he called. His arms started to glow with silver light. The wind whipped into a cyclone around him. With a roar of climactic fury, the dragon dove upon the wraith, spewing forth crackling webs of lightning.”

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