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Average Height
Female: 6’6″ Male: 7’0″
Average Lifespan

Catlins are barbaric, warlike and fiercely independent. They are highly territorial, even between each other, and will kill anyone they deem a trespasser. They hardly ever band together for a united caused, and they say that if a Catlin doesn’t meet your eyes… watch your back.

Catlins make their homes in the deep forests and jungles. They use their nature magic to grow giant trees and build their colonies high up in the canopy. The greatest of all of the Catlin Colonies was built in the Bracken, a forest so old that all of the trees have grown together into one giant organism. Catlins worship the Grandmother Tree, said to be the resting place of the Earth Goddess herself. Ironically, every colony has its own Grandmother tree.

The Warlords

The Catlin Warlords are the fiercest of all of the Catlins. They come from long lineages and are thought to be the very children of the Wild. A Warlord must fight for his or her power, and if a young soldier challenges a Warlord, they must fight to the death.

After becoming the next Catlin leader, every Warlord spends three days in the wilderness and must kill enough food to feed his entire colony for one night. This night of feasting is called The Gifting and if a Warlord cannot provide enough food, it is taken as a bad omen for the years to come. If the festival looks too bleak, he might be eaten as well!

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