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The Unnamed

Average Height
Female: 5’7″ Male: 6’0″
Average Lifespan
Unknown, as most die in combat. The Grandmasters can live over a century.

The existence of assassins has been obscured since before the War of the Races. They are thought to be human, though few get close enough to discover the truth. That being said, assassins inhabit every nook and cranny from seaside slums to the King’s palace.

Assassins are born into Hives, or “colonies,” where they are trained in the tradition of the killing arts. Children are raised communally and it is considered extremely rude to mention a child’s sire or dam. Emotions are repressed; it is a weakness to smile, and an even greater weakness to show anger. The location of each Hive is kept secret, even among other assassins. No one knows how many might exist.

“The Shade” is a secret cult that has spread through the separate Hives. It is only rumored about and thought to be a legend, an Order that has survived since the War of the Races. They are worshippers of the Dark God and supposedly want to harness His power.

“Born into the colony, they lived without Names, without parents. They became, in all ways, invisible. All were brothers and sisters, servants of the Shadow, the Hive.”

The Naming

All assassins are born Nameless and must earn their titles in combat. Children train under Grandmasters from a young age and when they are deemed ready (usually between 15 and 17), they compete in a vicious tournament called The Naming. During this tournament, an assassin has the opportunity to win a Name and a symbolic weapon to accompany it. Competing is always optional; those who have not earned Names are referred to as Savants. However, those who fail at this test are usually exiled from the Hive. Only the most elite assassins carry Names.

Each Hive has a long tradition of unique Names and weapons.

And the highest members of the Hive, those who went into the outside world, who fought and killed and died by the hand of the Dark God — only they were given Names. Titles earned through combat at fragile ages, when children are the most eager to spill blood.


  1. Is it on purpose that the pictures can’t load? It’s horribly annoying, yet also appropriate for the Unnamed.

  2. The pictures of the assains not showing is creepy but nessary

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