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Height: 5’9″
Age: 39
Race: Wolfy Bloodmage

Volcrian is a Wolfy mage, a sorcerer specializing in blood magic, and one of the last of his race. Blood magic is said to be the strongest of all of the races because it knows no limits. The right sacrifice and the right spell can do just about anything–even bring the dead back to life.

Volcrian lived his life as an outcast. He and his brother, Etienne, traveled from city to city, setting up an apothecary where they sold cheap potions to desperate customers. Their blood magic was experimental and untrained, and they cared little how it effected their customers as long as they got their coin.

When customers started to complain or, in some cases, turn violent, they would pack up shop and move to the next city, and the process would start all over again.

A Quest for Revenge

That all changed when Etienne accidentally poisoned a woman of the First Tier nobility. The woman’s enraged father then ordered Etienne’s assassination.

After Etienne’s death, Volcrian’s world collapsed, and he set his sights on the assassin who killed his brother. Revenge is a sacred duty of the Wolfy race, and he cannot not rest until the killer is dead.

But Volcrian’s untrained blood magic quickly grows out of proportion. His spells release a force into the world that is far greater than himself. His quest for revenge has spurred a plague brought on by the wrath of the Dark God. As Volcrian’s magic slowly consumes him, he experiences a fast descent into obsession and madness.

“This man was like none she had ever seen before—she couldn’t tell if he was a Lord or of noble birth. He was well-traveled by his stained clothes, but the fabric he wore was of an expensive make. Perhaps another woman would have found his exotic appearance attractive, but Lily found it chilling; his skin was of a pale hue, his hair woven strands of silver, and his eyes a piercingly cold blue. This wasn’t what startled her, however. Lily found herself staring at the man’s sloping ears, which sharpened to a point at the tips. He smiled at her slowly, as though enjoying her surprise, and then Lily had a second shock—the man’s teeth drew down into fangs!” ~Sora’s Quest by T. L. Shreffler


  1. Did I miss something? This was not the scenario I read in the first book that sent Volcrian off on his rampage. In the book, Sora’s Quest, Etienne was consigned to make a love potion. He forgot an ingredient which in turn killed a woman of the first tier. The purchaser, a lord of the first tier, hired an assassin, (Crash/Viper), to kill Etienne in retaliation.

    Is there another version of Sora’s Quest?

    • No you’re correct, this information was from an outdated draft of the story that was never published. It has been rectified! Thanks for catching that error. ~TL

      • I caught it because your books are so good I’ve read them several times:} I can’t wait for the next one!

  2. Volcrian is my favorite character. It broke my heart when I read what happened to him. I was literally crying over it. That’s how much I like him.

  3. i am grateful volcrain was in the storys he did some awesome stuff if you know what i mean :wink wink:

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