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Sora Fallcrest

soraportrait_SMALLSora was raised as country nobility in a small pocket of the High Plains. Her father, Lord Fallcrest, was the overseer of a region of farmland. The royal court refers to the Fallcrests as the “Cotton Family,” since their small region is responsible for most of the Kingdom’s cotton.

Tired of life as a Lady, Sora plots to run away from her coming-of-age ceremony, called The Blooming. Sneaking through the halls, she runs into a mysterious man and is unexpectedly kidnapped. She decides to travel with her captors, slowly earning their trust and respect. The tides turn when Sora discovers that her necklace, a family heirloom, is actually a powerful magical artifact called a Cat’s Eye. Not only is it the key to saving her new friends, it also puts Sora in danger, as there is now a vicious Wolfy mage hunting her down.


A Novice Adventurer

Sora is naive, young, and fiercely loyal. She has hardly ever traveled outside of her father’s lands, so spending weeks on the road is an uncomfortable–if welcomed–experience. After the discovery of her Cat’s Eye, Sora learns to defend herself and fight with a wooden staff and daggers.

The trail moved through dense forest and hidden meadows strung with wildflowers, yellow and blue petals scattered through the shade. Sora tried to entertain herself by bird watching; she counted twenty-three species before losing track. There were large black crows, skinny little red robins, and a few plump yellow birds that kept following their horse, flitting quietly from branch to branch, obviously waiting for seeds to fall or nuts or crumbs. Then the path opened up and joined with a main road, golden wheat fields to their right and the forest to their left. The trees fell away, as did the birds, leaving her with a broad, seamless sky and the speck of a hawk on the horizon. She wondered how far away she was from her estate—probably quite a ways. She had never seen farmland like this before.”


  1. Allie (my little sister) reminds me of Sora.

  2. Just out of curiosity, how tall is Sora?

    • Sora is about 5’3″

  3. Just wondering, about how about how much does Sora weigh?

  4. *About how much does Sora weigh?

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