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Minor Characters


Dorian made his first appearance in Sora’s Quest (Book 1). A thief and untrained Wolfy mage, he has a quick wit and sarcastic sense of humor. He is close friends with Burn, who saved him from a life of tavern slums and filthy pilfering. He is deft with his hands, good at card tricks, enjoys cheap whiskey and takes full advantage of bar fights, when coin purses are often disregarded by their owners.

Dorian fell into an uneasy alliance with Crash and Burn after the murder of Etienne. He travels with them because, in his own words, “Two bad friends are better than two good enemies.” He is one of the last of the Wolfy race and, at times, his bitterness gets the best of him.

Ah, no, you’ve got it all wrong,” Dorian corrected, holding up a studious finger. “I redistribute wealth. See? The economy needs me. Otherwise the rich would be far too rich, and the poor, well, they would be even poorer.” He chuckled at this, though Sora didn’t see the humor.


Laina is an orphan who makes her first appearance in Viper’s Creed (Book 2). Raised by her grandmother for the first ten years of her life, Laina has spent her teen years snooping around people’s garbage and making fragile alliances with untrustworthy strangers. She finally fell into the gang of bandits called The Ravens and was captured by the city guards. Sora saves her from an untimely beheading.

Laina is headstrong, proud, and as inexperienced as any other thirteen-year-old. First and foremost, she looks out for herself. Although Sora trusts her, there is very little she has done to earn that trust, and who knows which side she might eventually turn to….

Despite her skill at setting traps, Laina proved to be clumsy and useless at pretty much everything else. She tripped over bags, led her horse into bramble, spoke far too loudly and would even choke on her food. Sora tried to impress on her the importance of silence—besides sparing my sanity, our voices carry much too far over the fields—but Laina either ignored her or genuinely forgot.


An assassin working for the secret Order of the Shade, she makes her first appearance in Viper’s Creed (Book 2.) Krait hides a dark past and feels a strange, compelling connection to the elite Viper, an assassin that has been thought dead for years. There is little known about her, but she seems to be tied to Crash’s past. They both studied under a common Grandmaster, Cerastes.

She spat at him, hissing like a snake. Her veils had come undone, her face contorted with rage and pain. She was surprisingly young, perhaps a few years younger than himself, with smooth, pale skin and full lips.


Caprion makes his first appearance in Volcrian’s Hunt. He is a Harpy seraphim, a special kind of Harpy bred purely for war. He is also the General of their army. Caprion joins Sora and her team when they meet on the Lost Isles. He is aloof, proud, and overly confident of his abilities. Sora is the first human he has ever met.

He, too, had a presence like the Matriarch, except it was more masculine, louder, as though a raging star of fire had entered the room. Sora’s breath caught. Something strange and warm moved in her belly. She was absolutely entranced.

When he spoke, his voice was as pure as river water, as harmonious as a mountain stream. “My Lady of the One Star,” he said, addressing the Matriarch with a slight bow. Then he turned to the rest of them, regarding the three visitors with a cool facade.


  1. Will Laina be in any other books?

    • She won’t be making an appearance in Book 4…beyond that, there is always a chance, but her story is more or less finished.


  2. why did dorian have to die??

    • I cried when that happened!!

      • Me too! I was so sad to see him go, I loved his personality.

    • I love crash ….. ***********(())

  3. In chapter 9 of Sora’s Quest Burn mentions that they had a fourth companion briefly before they met Sora, after this the character is never mentioned. could you tell me anything else about him?

    • Hi Nicole!

      He is a very minor character indeed, an unlikable blackguard who ends up dying very shortly after Crash meets Dorian. I am working on a short novel for Dorian and we will get the full story then. 🙂

  4. Is all of the story behind Volcrain finished? As in, will anything else that is tied to him be in the fourth book or past that?

    • Hi Maddy, Volcrian’s story is more or less finished. He might be referenced a bit in the coming books but no more about his background until I release Dorian’s novella, which is still in the works.

  5. does the demon care about Sora too, or is it just Crash?

    • I was wondering the same thing! In a way, it seems like the demon does, but then he doesn’t. It’s very confusing.

    • I am excited to have this part of the story unfold. I think the demon has to care in some way since it was the demon who rescued Sora when she fell from the bridge. Is there an ulterior motive?? Only time will tell!!

    • Crash’s demon does care about sora i finished the 4th book and i just love it! so yes. viper/crash both ways loves sora

  6. I get the feeling that Bug, Krait, and Moss are the same person, Are Caprion and Moss going to come face to face? Will she remember him? This will be interesting! So many intertwining stories, I really do love this series!

    • I think they are the same person too!! Great minds think alike. Lol.

    • I think that too because of how Caprion acted towards her in Ferran’s Map and how Sora said he acted like he knew her. I really hope that is what is going to happen. I also ship Moss and Carprion together 🙂

    • Yes. As far as I can tell from the books they are the same character. Just as different people meet her she will earn a new name. Viper, aka crash, named her bug because she reminded her of a bug. (I think. I’m pretty sure that’s why) And Caprion named her Moss because, well, he needed to call her something. And Cerastes names her Krait. In the beginning Viper names her bug, then while they are out practicing with the weapons a harpie comes out from the middle of nowhere and harms Bug with a sunstone and takes her. Then it’s Caprion’s Wing’s he finds her in a dungeon, harmed with a sunstone the same way as Bug was harmed. Then she grows up (skip quite a few years), and was told to go after Viper. Now when they immobilize her they see the same scars as Bug had when the Harpie took her. And yes, if what I believe is correct, they will see each other again. But sadly she doesn’t remember him. You probably already read the book so maybe this was a waste of time but I hope this did help you understand something in some way… I can still hear the lullaby Caprion wrote for her and feel the urge to dive after the stone.

  7. Sora and crash are soo awesome together. I LOVE THESE BOOKS! almost to the point where its creepy. Please keep writing forever.

  8. I have all the books. I am so glad I found this series. I can’t wait for the next book. The one thing I really want to know is who hired Crash to kill Sora’s father.

  9. I can still hear the lullaby Caprion wrote for her and feel the urge to dive after the stone.

  10. PLS write more books. I love them!!!!!!!

  11. Oh my god the fifth book is amazing! So far i’m only to about half way but there so much detail and with Soda and the garrolithe was amazing! Oh yeah can you put pictures of Dorian and the other minor characters? I always imagine what they look like

    • So glad you’re enjoying the read, Kolyn! Agreed that this website needs some portraits for the minor characters. 😉

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