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Lorianne Blithe


Pronunciation: Loree-an Bly-th.
Height: 5’1″
Age: 35
Race: Human

Lorianne (Lori) is Sora’s mother and a highly trained Healer. Her skills are rare and sought after. She keeps to small villages and farming communities, where patients travel from hundreds of miles around for her services.

Lori’s greatest regret–but wisest decision–was to leave Sora at a rich Lord’s house. Lord Fallcrest was getting on in years, desperate for an heir and could not sire his own. Lori entranced him with her beauty. She claimed to be of Noble birth and wed Lord Fallcrest only a few months into her pregnancy. Lord Fallcrest gave Sora a Noble title, but soon discovered that Lorianne had lied about her birthright. The Lord gave her an ultimatum–leave forever, or be put to the blade. He kept the child as he was still in need of an heir.

A Healer, A Warrior, A Mother

Lori is now overjoyed to have Sora back her life, but parenting is still a struggle. She is sixteen years out of practice and doesn’t know if she is supposed to be a mentor, a guardian or a friend. When Sora leaves her cabin to find Crash and Burn (Viper’s Creed), Lori sets out on her own quest, desperate to protect her daughter no matter what. She seeks out Ferran, an old friend, in hopes that they can find a way to stop the plague from spreading.

“I’m no good at this, she thought, biting her lip. She had never been a mother; parenting did not come naturally. How was she supposed to raise a child who was already grown? Was she a friend, a confidante—or a guardian, a provider? She had abandoned her daughter at a Lord’s house, telling herself that she would be raised by a rich family, that Sora had no need of her. She had missed the girl’s entire life; everything that made her who she was. Her own heart, cut out and returned to her, transformed into an awkward stranger. And now she couldn’t even protect her.” ~Viper’s Creed by T. L. Shreffler

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