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Grandmaster Cerastes

“He who kills in the sand.”


Height: 6’0″
Age: unknown.
Race: The Unnamed

Grandmaster Cerastes, once Crash’s teacher, is a master assassin who held the dagger of the Viper long ago. After decades spent practicing the assassin arts, he surpassed the title of Viper and moved on to greater, darker pursuits. He is the driving force behind the Shade and yearns to become a vessel of the Dark God. He sees it as the final stage in his evolution, and the ultimate purpose of his kind.

The Title of Cerastes

Years after an assassin receives his Name and masters his practice, he may become a leader within the Hive and choose a name for himself. It is considered a great honor for an assassin to decide upon his own name–an honor reserved only for the Grandmasters, who carry the weight of leading and shaping the next generation of assassins. The assassin arts are deeply entwined with dark magic and can take a lifetime to master, if one dare pursue the darkness to that point.

Author’s Note: In The Cat’s Eye Chronicles, I based the names of the Grandmasters off of the genus names of venomous snakes. Cerastes (Ser-as-tees), in this case, is derived from the genus name for the viper, Cerastes Cerastes. Even more interesting, as I researched the name Cerastes, I discovered that it was a monster in Greek mythology:


The cerastes (Greek: κεράστης, English: cerastēs, English translation: “having horns”[1]) is a creature of Greek legend, a serpent that is incredibly flexible—so much so that it is said to have no spine. Cerastae can have either two large ram-like horns or four pairs of smaller horns. The cerastes hides its head in the sand with only the horns protruding out of the surface; this is meant to deceive other animals into thinking it is food. When the animal approaches the cerastes, the cerastes promptly kills it. ~Wikipedia


  1. Wow! I was wondering how he came about having a second name and wondered if it would be explained! Very clever how it has to do with the viper who he use to be and with him being a “monste”!

  2. He creeps me out.

  3. Is Cerastes Crash’s father?

    • It’s not said

  4. He look like one of them nasty girls at the club that give you that ” I’m a bad bitch stare” tho

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