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Ferran Ebonaire

Fair-in Ebon-air


Height: 6’4″
Age: 38
Race: Human

Ferran is an old friend of Sora’s mother, Lorianne. An adventurer, rogue and treasure hunter, he is obsessed with anything having to do with arcane magic or ancient lore, and he owns a unique collection of rare and ancient weaponry. He has several stashes and “burrows” around the countryside, where he keeps his best finds. His “not so best” finds he sells to museums or collectors.

The Fallen Rogue

Although he was famous once as a successful treasure hunter and specialist of rare artifacts, Ferran’s life slowly fell apart after Dane’s death. Lori moved on and he withdrew into the slums of wayside villages. What coin he earned, he spent on drink and women. As the years crept on, his fame was lost and he is now a wandering ghost of his former self.

Finally, her gaze landed on the man crumpled on the floor, his brown hair falling into his face. He wore a loose tunic, recently ripped down the front from the fight. A bright, colorful tattoo of a phoenix splayed across his chest, its wings spread in a myriad of greens and reds. Lori grinned slightly, pleased by her own intuition. She had suspected he would be at the tavern…. And, of course, I’d find him in the middle of a bar fight.


  1. I was shocked to find out he [SPOILER]!!! And I mean its seems something might happen between Lori and Ferran… 😉

    • Haha sorry Leah, had to edit that little spoiler out of your comment. 😉 Lori and Ferran are just two peas in a pod, aren’t they?

  2. He almost looks one of my older brothers, not a good thing both of my brothers are younger then Ferran.

    • Oh my gosh I’m not going to say it but ferrans map the whole ugh I won’t say it but. Oh my gosh

  3. So happy to see some charecter backrounds. I keep just looking at the pictures of crash and ferran… teehee, fan girl crush. Love ferrans map reading it now! Well back to reading!!!! 🙂

  4. I love Ferran so much! and I really want him and Lori to become a thing! also the little reveal in Ferran’s Map made me screech and fangirled so hard! Love him(and Crash!) 🙂

  5. this is weird…..his last name is my first name….im never googling myself again

    • That is cool not weird ebonaire then again that is what i think

  6. The pic up there looks gorgeous, but in the book Lorianne noted that Ferran has a phoenix tatoo on his chest, hasn’t she?

    • Yes it does

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