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Crash (The Viper)

“He who hides in the grass.”


Age: 25-26
Height: 6’0″
Race: Unnamed.

Crash was not always his name. As the Viper, he was a renowned assassin and deadly killer, one of the elite. But he left that life behind, burdened by a past that he would rather forget.

Crash now travels with an unlikely band of friends, something he never thought to have, nor sought after. Dorian gave him the nickname “Crash” since people had a way of “colliding” into his life. Still, he keeps his thoughts and feelings private. Such is the way of an assassin.

He is deeply conflicted about his past and has a lot of soul-searching to do before he can put the name of the Viper to rest and embrace his new identity…whatever that may be.

What’s in a Name?

Although Crash was originally on the run from the sorcerer Volcrian, his quest has turned into something else–the search for a new life. A lot of his search is influenced by Sora, who opened his eyes to the goodness in the world. He harbors a fondness towards her that he tries to bury, because he can’t share his true identity with her, both for her own safety and fear that she won’t accept him once she knows the truth.

He watched the fire play over her hair, over the lean angles of her face. Somewhere deep inside of him, he wanted to speak, to confess himself…. It was a strange urge, and confusing. Why tell her all of his secrets? She couldn’t understand who he was. Not even Burn knew his full past, his years spent in the Hive, a childhood of intense discipline, schooled by generations of assassins. His very nature made him separate from the world; scorned by it. And yet, looking at her face across the fire, he wanted to try….” ~Viper’s Creed by T. L. Shreffler


  1. One of the best characters in any book I’ve ever read!

    • The more complex and fascinating character!

    • I agree, Crash is definitely the character I love the most, even more then Percy Jackson ( by Rick Riodon)

  2. Crash is definitely my favorite character and I love the semi relationship between Sora and Crash.

  3. my fav charter in the series :}

  4. Crash is my fave story character, I love the strange relationship between Sora & him.

    • Thank you Aubryanna!

  5. Him and Sora are my favorite characters in the series! I love his perspective on the world and on Sora! He’s so dark and mysterious, and in a way, an open book.

  6. I would love to see more development (relationship wise) between Sora and Crash, also more on his past, other than that this series is probably the best I’ve come across in a long time!!! fantastic work!!! 🙂

  7. I just finished book 1 and I can’t wait to start book 2. I have high hopes for Crash and Sora 🙂

  8. I just read the 3 cats eye chronicles books in about a week. Really great story! Haven’t been that addicted since I first ride wheel of time and song of ice and fire about 10 years ago now! Cant wait for the next book:)

    • How old is crash?

      • He’s around 25, 7 years older than Sora.

        • Thank you!!!!! Keep on writing about Crash ( or the viper) and Sora!!!!! Can’t really imagine Crash without Sora. Sora’s like a light in his darkness.

          • I agree, I am very interested in how this relationship will develop and how and if Crash will be able to overcome the dangers of his demon.

  9. Please…please let Sora and Crash be together. I don’t really like Caprion much compared to Crash. he seems a bit like the first and second tier sometimes but in others but he is better.
    Please no love triangles there is too many around right now in the books.
    please can you talk more about crash and his inner *cough*


  10. I agree Caprion, Sora and Crash in a love triangle would be just…weird. Caprion and Moss would be okay though.

  11. If Crash is an unnamed then why is he trying to destroy the weapons, I thought the unnamed were the race of the dark god

    • Crash is not unnamed. He passed his tests and became Viper. Crash is the nickname Dorian gave him when they met. We don’t see that as it probably occurred prior to when the story began.

    • Also, Crash is not as evil after hanging out with Dorian and Burn. He is fighting against his own demon inside. He also has fallen in love with Sora and will do what he has to do to help and protect her.

  12. I just started this series around a week ago and I’ve already finished all the books. I think I’m gunna cry, I miss crash already my 1st book crush! <3

  13. I know Crash is the name Viper gets after having meet Sora, but why Crash? I still don’t get it.

    • My first guess would be because Crash keeps “crashing” into people(like Sora)?! But there may be a more logcal reason… 😉

      • Ah, yeah and now that I read the text about Crash above, I see that my guess was kind of right…

  14. Whilst reading the cats eye chronicals I put my iPod on shuffle and the song it played was. Demons by imagine dragons. And I think it is Crash’s song

    YouTube it

    I love the series and Ferrara map come out just after my birthday and I can’t wait 🙂 🙂

    • Love that song….I listened to it while writing the CrashxSora scene before the big fight…. 😉 Cool to hear readers connecting with the same music!

      • Wow that’s so cool !!!!!!
        I am a big fan can’t wait for Ferran’s Map

    • Thank you for posting this! It’s absolutely perfect. Now, whenever I hear that song, I’ll think about a dark haired assassin kissing a blond haired heroine under a tree! 🙂

      • Barbara, I just read the book three and am In ecstasy remembering that scene, I’m a pool on the floor!LOL

  15. As pervy as it sounds, but does crash have a 6 pack? ;))

    • LOL yes…yes he does… 😀 ~TL

  16. Gosh I forgot what I was going to- I remember! Is krait moss? Because it seems so. I mean a shell of a woman she lost her eyes sight? Didn’t moss lose her eyeshiftw. I am not trying to spoil anything.

    • I am pretty sure Krait, Moss, and Bug are all the same girl, at different times of her life.

  17. I was just curious if we’ll ever get to find out what Viper was thinking right when Sora crashed into him before he kidnapped her. What was going through his mind before he made the decision to kidnap her. Thanks.

    • I was thinking the same thing but I have my suspicions that he hated her the moment he saw her!

      • I think he hated her and then when it came to Fennbog Swamp and on he started loving her more and more! i wish i was Sora in the third book.. hehe

  18. I bought all 4 recent books in this series. Viper/Crash is my favorite character besides Burn. I like the gradual closeness that happens between Sora. Even with the latet books, Crashes story is still unfolding, which I really appreciate.

    But I hope he doesnt die off in the end while obtainig his retribution to redeem him trying to be who Sora sees as a good being even with his demon. Thy really havent had much of anything progress in their relationship besides always almost being killed And going on quests. lol

  19. I am 70 years old and have thoroughly enjoyed reading the Cat’s Eye Chronicles and I hope that the next book will soon be out. Thank you for presenting such a wonderful set of people in these books.

  20. Dose anyone else picture Crash as looking a lot like the guy that plays the Winters Soldier in the Marvel movie?

  21. I LOOOVE Crash!!!!! I especially like his relationship with Sora, but I feel like he’s losing his assassin edge & coolness the more I read abiut his “feelings”, doubt, & fears when it comes to Sora. Lol. Im Praying that he’ll be able to unlock more gates esp the 5th. It’ll make him more cooler & me fall more in love with him. Lol

    • I do not agree with you with the gates. Chrash once said, that his Grandmaster, Cerastes, has lost his humanity with every gate he unlocked. I often fantasize what would be if Crash unlocked the 5th gate. Would be cool, wouldn’t it? Then I remember that thing about Cerastes. Crash is perfect the way he is these days. About the feelings & stuff: Crash has always been viewed as the hard and invincible assassin, but he still is ordinary(as ordinary as an assassin can be). No offense to you!

      • I actually think that this will be Crash’s struggle in the next book. He will try to keep his humane Side even after he opens the gates. Maybe sora will help him with that?…

  22. I think crash in the most recent book is actually close to unlocking the 5th gate via his love for sora. It hints at his demon and him being in accord on wanting to protect/possess ner. In an animalistic need to be there for her. Even animals mate for life, and the fifth race has suppository strayed from its original cause, so what if originally they did mate? What if the solution (since Capricorn aND bug/moss/kraft seems to have an impossible relationship) is a mingling of the “races”? Just a theory. I hope we find out SOON!

  23. Sorry about the typos. Auto correct 🙁

  24. I love chash, hes my fav character in these books, and I love the song Demons by Imagine dragons, and now thinking about, the song dose remind me of chash. I also hope their be more scene between chash and sora, I love those two together. From the very beginning I kinda wanted them to kiss, u can tell that they started to like each other.

  25. crash is just he hottest

  26. I LOVE the way he acts and really want to hear more of the book in his point of vew!

  27. Who drew Crash???? It looks so good. 😀

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