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BurnsmallBurn makes an alliance with Crash after Volcrian comes into the picture. The elite assassin sought out Burn, one of the last of the surviving Wolfies, hoping he would know how to deal with the revenge-driven mage. However, Burn doesn’t know much about Wolfy blood magic (he’s not a sorcerer), so they turn to his cheeky friend Dorian, who is an untrained mage and thief extraordinaire.

Sadly, before the three could devise a way to defeat Volcrian, the mage turned up and killed Burn’s family. With nothing left to live for, Burn joins forces with Crash, hoping for Volcrian’s demise.

The Wolfy Mercenary

Wolfy mercenaries are born without magic. Hulking giants, they are ideal for combat, and so are called “mercenaries.” However, Burn doesn’t truly enjoy the warrior lifestyle. Before meeting Crash, he lived with a small family in a mid-sized town where he kept accounts for the local magistrate. He has always fancied himself more scholar than warrior, and loves books more than his greatsword… though he’s not above cleaving off a few heads should the occasion arise.


  1. Hi! I was wondering if we could find more out about burn at all? Like before he alliances with crash and Dorian. I mean so much of his life I am guessing.

    • I forgot, how old is burn?

      • You really don’t know how old Burn is because you are not took then again I could be wrong but u don’t read how old he is.

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