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The Characters

Learn more about your favorite characters from The Cat’s Eye Chronicles!

Sora Fallcrest – a noblewoman and novice adventurer.

Crash (Viper) – a dark and mysterious assassin.

Burn – a friendly, jovial mercenary.

Volcrian – a sorcerer and bloodmage out for revenge.

Lorianne Blithe – Sora’s mother and a skilled Healer.

Ferran Ebonaire – a rogue treasure hunter with a troubled past.

Grandmaster Cerastes – a master assassin and leader of the Shade.

Minor Characters – lovable characters who are featured in one or more of the books.


  1. I love your books so much! honestly my favorite series!

    • Thank you Caitlin! B) -TL

  2. Your books are amazing. I have read all your series, twice. The Cat’s Eye Chronicles is fabulous, I adore your characters and writing. Can’t wait for ‘Kraits Redemption’ and the next in the Dragon Pearl series 🙂

    • Thank you Alicia! -TL

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