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Winner of The Cat’s Eye Chronicles Giveaway!

Posted by on Oct 16, 2013 in Uncategorized | 3 comments

Why hello there!

vhblogtourprizes_small-300x218For the past four weeks I have hosted a giveaway for readers to win a signed set of The Cat’s Eye Chronicles (Books 1-3) and a handmade Cat’s Eye necklace by Bunny’s Boutique.

Today, I am excited to announce our winner: Cassie Sansom of Victoria, Australia! Congratulations, Cassie! You will soon receive three signed hardcopies of the series and a handmade, authentic Cat’s Eye necklace. (Wear at your own risk!) 😉

On Writing News

In the last three weeks I have written up to Chapter 6 in Ferran’s Map (Book 4) at 38,000 words. As I keep saying, this book is probably going to be a very long one, as I haven’t even scratched the surface of the plot yet. Here are some things to look forward to in Ferran’s Map!

  • Crash and Sora (of course) working out their awkward and estranged relationship. Can they really go back to being “just friends?” Or will nature take its course?
  • Ferran has a lot to offer this story. More on his background, his unique abilities with his Cat’s Eye, his falling-out with the Ebonaires and much to do with a map…
  • Lori’s past in the City of Crowns is a bit darker than we all thought.
  • Remember Lord Gracen Seabourne from Sora’s Quest, the captain of the King’s personal guard? Remember that whole scandal over Lord Fallcrest’s death? Well, certain plot-lines are going to start coming together. Thought I forgot about all that, didn’t you? 😉
  • Sora is going to have to play noblewoman again. Parties, intrigue and masquerades ensue….
  • Krait and Caprion might have more in common than you all think.
  • Remember the monster (garrolithe) from the Crystal Caves? Yep, it has a place in this story as well.
  • Stay tuned for a cover reveal on the horizon! As always, thanks for reading.

    -T. L. Shreffler

On other news, I have been designing more Cat’s Eye necklaces.

Some of you have asked where they can buy their own Cat’s Eye necklace, which inspired me to make some just for you. I hand-picked the marbles to look exactly like how I envision Sora’s Cat’s Eye. I then wire-wrapped them by hand using several different methods for variety. Each necklace will be completely unique and include an “Official Cat’s Eye Necklace” card, signed by the author to verify its authenticity. These necklaces would work great as Christmas presents or personal souvenirs. We are still setting up the store and all should be ready to launch on November 1st. Here’s a few snapshots of them below:





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