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Signed Bookmarks in the Cat’s Eye Store!

Available for a limited time only, I have 14 signed bookmarks available in The Cat’s Eye Store. Click here to view the listing: The Cat’s Eye Store!

Bookmarks are $5.99 and feature Sora and Crash from a scene in Fennbog Swamp. Each bookmark is signed by the author and makes a great gift for readers and collectors!

I’ve also added many beautiful necklaces to the Cat’s Eye store. They make great gifts for readers, collectors, and fans of the series. Check out the assortment of necklaces below, all handmade by T. L. Shreffler. Each necklace includes a signed card of authenticity!

Click below to purchase!

Click to see more necklaces on Etsy.

What readers are saying:

“I love it!! I love the stories and now I have a necklace to enjoy with the books!!” ~smithreginar
“It’s beautiful. Just the way I imagined it would be from the series. Thanks for making these.” ~Amity Stanga
“I love everything about this necklace! The cat’s eye is a beautiful green just like pictured. The leaf is pretty, it is well put together and the chain has a big link every two inches. This solves one of my pet peeves – the back of the chain slipping to the front. I am going to wear this a lot! For you fans of “The Cat’s Eye Chronicles” by T. L. Shreffler, wearing this necklace really does make me feel powerful! If my husband goes missing and a Viper ends up in his place, well what’s a girl to do? LOL I promise you will love these! Now, I’m waiting on earrings!” ~Laura Blanton


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