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Trivia Game

The Cat's Eye Chronicles Trivia

Welcome to The Cat's Eye Chronicles Trivia game! Test your knowledge of the world. New questions are always being added as the series progresses. Warning: this game might include spoilers. I would suggest reading through Viper's Creed (Book II) before starting!

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  1. I got a 23/24! Yay. But I don’t think I will become a historian or a mapmaker. Sorry Dorian.

    • that’s awesome! gold star! 🙂 I can’t help but wonder which one you missed…

      • I got 24/24 this series is the best i luv crash

  2. I got 24/24 but one question almost fooled me, I forget which. 😀 I love these kinds of trivia.

    • Very awesome well done! ~TL

  3. Yay! I got 100%!!! Only the question where you asked true or false do people call Crash “the Shadowed One”. Thanks for the trivia to keep it fresh in my mind!

  4. It says I got 24 out of 24… but I really got 89%. Very nice. Me like. Yes. Keep writing, I look forward to all of your creations.

  5. I got them all, but a few of them were very tricky. Can’t wait for the next book!

  6. oh I’m so proud… got 100% 🙂

  7. I got 99%1! yeah!

  8. I got a 23/24 😀 BTW I really love your books. They are my favorite series. I thinks it’s even better than Warrior Cats, and everyone loves warriors. I love the relation between the assassin, Crash, and the now warrior princess, Sora. They are cute together. Its also a unique combination. Sora and Caption is an interesting match too buuuut, crash and sora is better. In my opinion. :3 I hope you can continue this wonderful series because I’d be heart broken if it ever ended. Keep on writing!!!!!!! 😀

    • Jessi i completely agree with you! i think crash and sora are the best couple! i too have had thoughts about caprion and sora but then i hit my head and say NOOOOO SORA AND CRASH!!!!!!!!!! i also i agree that your books (t.l.shreffler) are amazing i will cry when they come to an end! rock on t.l.shreffler!!! 😀

      • Haha thanks Delaney!!! xoxo -TL

      • Woohoo!!! Thanks for reading D…and I hope you rock right along as well! ~TL

  9. I got 100 %

    Shhhhh it’s a secret :3

  10. I got 24/24!! I absolutely love these books I cannot wait for the 5th one!! I think I’m in love with Crash….

  11. This was fun-although after reading Ferrans Map,the correct answer to question 18 is now questionable. Lol. *wink wink* Can’t wait for more. I fan-girl over Sora and Crash.

    • i know right can’t wait for more sora and crash(the viper) drama.i need more crash and sora. you can’t leave us like that in book four with crash and sora . COME ON REALLY CRASH AND SORA CAN NEVER BE TOGETHER EVEN WHEN CRASH WONT GO NEAR HER UNLESS SHE IS IN TROUBLE

  12. 24/24! Yay! I love your series! I have read the first three books in less than 2 weeks! And have read the first two books twice. I read Sora’s Quest a year or two ago, and just last week, and I feel as though I must have skipped over big parts that you mention in later books that are not in the first book. Like when the group is traveling into Fennbog swamp they get chased, or how Sora is a wanted criminal, and especially when Sora and Crash save Burn and Dorian from being sacrificed by the Catlin’s and Crash fights the Panthers. Why is this?

    • Yay! I got 24/24 but I don’t think I’d want to become a mapmaker. I love love love this series and I can’t wait until Krait’s Redemption comes out! Oh and two other things:

      1. More quizzes please
      2. Why dud Dorian have to die??!! I cried when I read that part…

  13. 24/24 Here’s to you Dorian. WE miss ya.
    Ironically I DO intend to become a historian xD

  14. 23/24 meant to click the correct one

  15. I got 24/24 Yay!

  16. I got 100% these books are amazing I really do hope you make more you are my favorite Author I can’t wait to see what comes next!!!!!!!

  17. 23/24! Was a little confused about the Lori/Ferran question after reading book 4, but maybe that doesn’t count. Still, pretty pleased with how well my memory served me considering I’ve only read the series once (maybe I should do something about that :P)

  18. I got 24/24!

  19. Hurrah! 21/24! I’m not an idiot! (My goodness that was hard.)

  20. took trivia game. sooo easy because i read all four book’sat least 6 times .Got 24/24 and i’m only cool love your books waiting for KR please release soon.

  21. Same!I also got 24/24, I love this series and I can’t wait for Krait’s Redemption:)

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