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  1. Hi I love your books and can’t wait for veterans map x

    • *Ferrans

  2. I’m 75 and will have a heart attack if U don’t get Ferrans Map published.

    • Now that’s a threat!!! :p ~TL

  3. when is ferrans map going to come on ibooks? is it going to be near febuary?

    • When will Krait’s Redemption be finished ?

  4. I am on the edge of my seat . It will be so hard for me to wait for Krait’s redemption . When can I breathe ?

  5. I’m looking forward to reading the latest edition in the cat’s eye series . I bought it but now can’t find it anywhere on my device . Am really upset . Is there any way to get another copy ?

    • Hello Rebecca!

      Pleas send your question to the eBook distributor where you bought the eBook (Kindle/Amazon, Nook/BN, iTunes, etc.) They can further assist you. Thanks for reading and dropping by! -TL

  6. I was finally able to get your book , the white . I couldn’t stop reading it.I finished reading it in 1 1/2 days . Amazing what’s next? I can’t wait .

  7. I wish Krait’s Redempotion was finished these are very interesting books. You are a fantastic writer. Can’t wait for the next one.

  8. when exactly is Krait’s redemption coming out ? am very anxious waiting for this book ! you have no idea how hard I had to try to get this books , after reading Sora’s Quest I instantly fell in love with the story and I had to get the rest of the books and for a person living in Ethiopia it very difficult since we don’t have international credit card and no means of baying online so I had to ask a friend of mine who lives abroad to buy them and send them to me so pleeeeeease !!! pleeease! tell me when the next book is out.

    • Hi Nlyat! Krait’s Redemption is looking at an early 2017 release but an exact date has not been decided on yet. The very best way to know when the next book will be out is to join the mailing list, as I will send out an email notification once the release date has been decided. I will also make the announcement on the website and Facebook page. Sorry we can’t be more exact at this time! Thank you so much for your readership, I’m honored you’ve gone through so much effort to procure the books. Wishing you the best! -TL

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