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Fan Art

Enjoy this fan art sent in by wonderfully creative readers! If you have some fan art of your own, I’d be happy to add it to the gallery! Please email your art as a .jpg to

The Original Cover of “Cat’s Eye”

catseye_1gTo the left you’ll see the original cover art for “Cat’s Eye” by fantasy artist Julie Dillon. Because I wanted to expand the Cat’s Eye world, I decided to split the original book into a series, becoming The Cat’s Eye Chronicles. I still have a few copies of the original lying around for collectors. Only 200 copies were originally printed. The book was printed with a rich, beautiful matte cover and includes an older version of the story, which basically compresses the first 3 books (Sora’s Quest-Volcrian’s Hunt) into one.

I’ve had the pleasure of receiving beautiful fan art over the years! Please browse through the gallery. I welcome all skill levels and I’m always delighted to receive new fan art, which you can send to to be included in the gallery.


Sora Fan Art


Sora and Crash Fan Art (Together)


Crash (Viper) Fan Art


Burn, Dorian and Volcrian Fan Art


Minor Characters and Miscellaneous (Races, etc.)


  1. loved the first picture of Sora on fan art.

  2. How do we submit pics for this?…

    • Never mind.

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