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Cat’s Eye Necklace Store!

Welcome to the Cat’s Eye necklace store.

From the author: When I first wrote The Cat’s Eye Chronicles, I was inspired by a cats-eye marble necklace that I won out of a quarter machine. Mysterious and glimmering, this cats-eye marble captured my young imagination and brought the story to life. Over the years, close friends and loved ones have gifted me with similar marble necklaces to celebrate the story. And then I thought–what better gift for my readers than a handmade, one-of-a-kind, official Cat’s Eye necklace?

Each of the Cat’s Eye necklaces are handmade by T. L. Shreffler and completely unique. They are designed to replicate Sora’s necklace in the books, and include a signed Card of Authenticity with the author’s signature. These collector’s items make great gifts for fans of the series!

View the Store!

Click to see more necklaces on Etsy.

Reviews by readers:

“I love it!! I love the stories and now I have a necklace to enjoy with the books!!” ~smithreginar
“It’s beautiful. Just the way I imagined it would be from the series. Thanks for making these.” ~Amity Stanga
“I love everything about this necklace! The cat’s eye is a beautiful green just like pictured. The leaf is pretty, it is well put together and the chain has a big link every two inches. This solves one of my pet peeves – the back of the chain slipping to the front. I am going to wear this a lot! For you fans of “The Cat’s Eye Chronicles” by T. L. Shreffler, wearing this necklace really does make me feel powerful! If my husband goes missing and a Viper ends up in his place, well what’s a girl to do? LOL I promise you will love these! Now, I’m waiting on earrings!” ~Laura Blanton


Check back soon for more necklaces!


  1. I was wondering if you make any necklaces out of sterling silver? They are very cute and I am interested in one, but I have metal allergies Metal plating doesn’t work for me either, has to be pure silver. If you do, please let me know.

    • Hello Lark,

      We can certainly put one together with you as a special order. If you’re interested, please email me at Thank you!

      -T.L. Shreffler

  2. I think that these necklaces are absolutely beautiful!!! Just wondering, the stones in the necklaces- are they marbles as in glass balls, or marble as in stone? And if they are glass, what brand are they?
    Thanks for answering all my questions,

  3. I’m new to the series. When I clicked on the above link it didn’t look to me like anymore necklaces are available. Any chance you’ll be making more? I’d love to have one!

  4. I was wondering if there is anymore necklaces? I would LOVE to get one!!! I LOVE the books and i cant wait for book 4!!! Please please PLEASE tell me i can order one!!! Sora has been a big inspiration to me!!! Ive been through alot in my 27 years and Sora makes me feel like i can do anything. She has become so strong along her journey and i feel like we really have that ib common. Thank you!!!

  5. How much are these because I would LOVE to have one.

  6. I’m DYING for one of these! I so hope you decide to make more! I want to dress up as Sora at a cosplay event and I’d love to have a legit Cat’s Eye necklace. 🙂

  7. I Really Really want one too!!! 🙂

  8. Are these coming back? It would be sooo awesome if I’d be able to get one. Your Cat’s Eye chronicles has probably become my #1 series, I read all of them in a week1 😉

    • Yes, more necklaces will be available this month! -TL

  9. I got one for Christmas and i love mine! What kind of metal is the bronze-colored chain made of because (dispite my nickel allergy) is doesn’t make me itch. Yet another reason to love it! Love the little story card that comes with it!

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