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New! Volcrian’s Hunt Book Trailer.
Release date 9/30/13.

Viper’s Creed (Book II)

Sora’s Quest (Book I)


  1. Whow the trailer for the second book is creepy….im starting now!!!

  2. OMG OMG OMG I cant wait to finish the third book!!!but then I would have to wait for the other books 🙁 ill be fine I have been waiting a long time for other books to come out…my pinterest friends and I can obsess over this book….like we don’t already

  3. I can’t wait for the fourth book! Sora and Crash NEED to be together! Stupid Crash, thinking it’s better not to love her! UGH!
    Lori and Ferran are just meant to be together! I can’t believe Ferran …[SPOILER]… too!

    • Thanks Maddy! 🙂 Had to edit your comment for spoilers. I’m excited about Lori and Ferran, lots of history and surprises coming in the 4th book.

    • IKR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was like O.O

  4. I usually don’t do these comment things but since this is one of my favorite book series i’ll make an exception. I am begging you not to pull a Veronica Roth, I can’t handle that painful experiance twice without giving up reading entirely. You might feel like your making a statement but you will just make people depressed, and depressed people a lot of food so you will have technically contributed to the obesity pandemic. Don’t be that person.

    • Thank you! I’m not alone! I guess Madelyn and Madelynn are just so close in names that they think alike!

  5. Any set date in October for the book release? I’m going through withdrawal over here! 😉

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