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Ferran’s Map, Book 4 now available!

Hello everyone!

Ferran’s Map is now available on the market! It is immediately available on Amazon, Nook and Smashwords. Links are posted below. iTunes and Kobo take longer to update their online store, so I will post purchase links to the iTunes/Kobo versions the moment they appear.

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Now available!

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5 Star Review by Elisabeth Wheatley on the Ferran’s Map Blog Tour

Original review found here:
So. Many. Feelings. I’m reminded why I said this is my favorite ongoing series, just—WOW. I have been waiting for this book since January 2014, annoying the author at every possible opportunity and throwing the series in the face of anyone who asks for a Young Adult Epic Fantasy recommendation (and sometimes even when they don’t).

The plot:

I was told that this was something like 150K words, but once again, it seems hard to believe because the story moves so quickly. I got caught up in it and after three hours of reading, I started to panic because I realized I was coming to the end. It really wasn’t clear how the author was going to end the book, but I was so emotionally invested I prayed. (It’s not weird to pray over fictional characters, is it?)

The characters:

Sora’s character has matured so very much since we first met her at her Blooming in book 1, yet she still has a kind of sweetness and guilelessness that just melts my heart. I do like reading about a heroine who isn’t another smoldering virago, but still manages to pull off daring adventures. She’s much easier to relate to than most of the Epic Fantasy heroines coming out these days and I love her to bits.

Another character I love to bits and who I consider one of my “babies,” is Crash. Read any of my other reviews and you will see plenty on Crash. His struggles and growth have been equal to Sora’s and it was fascinating to look more into the depths of his psyche and what’s going through his head. His relationship with Sora is sweet, complex, beautiful, and irresistible. I’ll be the first to admit that their story is one of my favorite things about this series and I’m in knots over what’s going to happen in Krait’s Redemption.

One thing that surprised me was the part of the book where we see more of what Crash’s demon actually thinks of Sora. That was one of the most interesting sections and again, leaves me wanting Krait’s Redemption.

Now that I have bombarded you with those paragraphs of Crash+Sora fangirling, I should point out this series does have other characters—not that you would know that by reading my previous reviews.

I kind of missed Burn and wished we’d gotten to see just a little more of him, but I was very happy about how much “screen time” Caprion had. There was the subplot of him and his past experiences with the Sixth Race and thanks to reading the prequel novella, I was almost as invested in that vein as I was the one about Crash+Sora. Even if Caprion was always the first to think the worst of my darling little Crash, I could forgive him because it made sense from his perspective.

We learn a great deal about the namesake of this book, Ferran, and his past as well as a surprising twist I did not see coming. Him and Lori are so perfect together and yes, I’ve been at my fictional matchmaking again. There were a great deal of questions raised regarding his family’s dealings and just who they’ve gotten mixed up with—yet more things making me salivate over Krait’s Redemption.

I never thought I would say this, but Cerastes has made me miss Volcrian. At least then, it was just one psychotic serial killer and a few wraiths we had to worry about, now we have a sociopathic, mostly-demon cult leader with his little minions and a mission to destroy all life. Cerastes scares me and I can’t wait for someone—preferably Crash—to kill him. (Just as soon as Cerastes finishes off that Daniellan fellow in some imaginative and nasty fashion.)

Then there’s Krait. When she was first introduced, I did not like her at all and now…let’s just say that the next book’s title has me very excited.

There was one character introduced at the beginning of this book, Cobra, another assassin, who freaked me out at first, but I ended up softening toward him at the end. I mean the very, very end. I can’t say much else because of spoilers, but I felt I should at least mention him.

This review has gone on way too long and turned into more of a fangirling session, so I’ll wrap it up by saying the story just keeps getting better and you all won’t be getting away from my passionate fanaticism any time soon.

by Elisabeth Wheatley (Fantasy Author/Book Reviewer)

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  1. I downloaded it at 2am and haven’t been able to put it down. It soooo AMAZING!!!!!

  2. Still not on iTunes Apple or IBooks, whatever you want to call it. Do you have an idea of when it will be done processing?

    • Hi Jasmin,

      I am hoping it will appear in their store early next week. I will post a link as soon as it becomes available. -TL

    • Hi Jasmin, I’m expecting it to manifest on iTunes next week…I’ll post links as soon as it becomes available. -TL

      • Ahh can’t wait, I’m rereading the series for the 6th time!

  3. I’m loving this series! Do you know when the fourth book will be out in softcover?

    • It should be out by February 1st! -TL

  4. Loved, loved, loved it!!! I’m such a superfan of this series. 🙂 There was such great character development with Sora and Crash. It seemed like they both grew up in this book, a perfect transition to a more mature, fully developed relationship in the future (???please! please!?). I especially liked the insights into Crash’s thoughts, both the human and demon side of him. I also liked the continuation of Caprion’s story… I can’t wait to see what develops with Krait in the next installment. Thank you for creating these wonderful books!

  5. I finished Ferran’s Map it seems, in a heartbeat. It was so captivating that I couldn’t put it down even if my life depended on it. A wonderful plot and even more wonderful and new characterization of old characters, along with the introduction of some very interesting characters. I absolutely loved it! The relationship between Crash and Sora is endearing yet suspenseful and I can’t wait to see how their feelings progress as the series moves along. Burn, Caprion, and the others have been viewed in a new light (haha light because of Caprion), which I have come to realize as beneficial overall to the plot of the story. Thank you T. L. Shreffler for this amazing series. I will continue to wait as you write Sora and her companions’ next adventure in Krait’s Redemption.

    • Thank you Karley…it’s exciting seeing how the characters progress through the books, and Sora’s growth is still not finished…(then again, do we ever really stop growing?) Can’t wait to release Krait’s Redemption and continue their adventure! -TL

  6. Oh my gosh! Ferran’s Map was amazing! I loved the character development and the increased depth of the plot. Do you know when Krait’s Redemption will be out? And how many books and novellas you are planning on having?

    • On her FAQ it says five to six, but because Ferran’s Map was split into two parts it might be more like six to seven

  7. Loved it I stayed up to like twelve last night reading I have a few questions first of all I really liked how this book went farther into Lori and ferrans story and past I thought it cleared a lot of things up at first I didn’t like ferran but am now deeply moved by his story also the last chapter from soras POV were crash and her just kissing or was there more going on that night I am so a Crora shipper
    Thnx a lot if you could answer but I’m sure you’re busy with Kraits redemption WOLFY’S FOREVER!!! Lol

  8. This book was perfect! Im in love with Ferran and he needs to be with Lori! One thing I can say about the Crora moment at the end is: FINALLY! Also I have a question will there be a romance between Caprion and Moss, I mean I know that she doesnt remember him but I mean im shipping them, hard! Lastly, this book was so amazing I read all of it in a day! Cant wait for the 5th book 🙂

    • Thank you Carlie…! So glad you’re enjoying the series. All I can say is…I can’t wait for everyone to finally get together and have their happily-ever-afters. I don’t know what all that might entail at this point, but wouldn’t it be grand? 😉 Stay cool and read on! ~TL

  9. Can we still expect KR sometime early this year?

  10. I am up at 11:30 and just finished…OMG I WAS SOBBING WHEN–

    **spoiler alerts!**

    –CRASH LEFT SORA IN THE COT AT SMOKESHAFT!!!!! Dyin here…Omg so sad but all that Crora is driving me nuts!!! Last part was a little confusing, prob because I am slowly going insane in anticipation for Krait’s redemption!!!! Or maybe because I am super tired.

    I cracked up (again a symptom of tired insanity) at this excerpt from the review:
    I never thought I would say this, but Cerastes has made me miss Volcrian. At least then, it was just one psychotic serial killer and a few wraiths we had to worry about, now we have a sociopathic, mostly-demon cult leader with his little minions and a mission to destroy all life.

    So lolz! K… If I was going to talk about all my emotions in this book, you’d die of boredom (prob) and the website would fill up.
    I know Ferran’s Map was published only at the most a month ago, but I am tired and a psychopath, so T.L. Shreffler, if you don’t mind me asking…when is the release date for Krait’s redemption? I totally understand if you don’t have one yet, my heart is just in my throat cuz I’m soooo excited!!!
    Yeah I’m clogging the comments so..bye..

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