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Krait’s Redemption Pre-Order & Cover Reveal!

Posted by on Jul 3, 2017 in Uncategorized | 6 comments

Hello Everyone! The Krait’s Redemption Pre-Order and Cover Reveal is finally here! I absolutely love this cover! In the background, we can see the royal palace in the City of Crowns, and in the foreground is a glimpse of The Regency wall – and of course, our heroine, Krait. Enjoy the cover and book blurb below, and don’t forget to pre-order your copy, which will be sent to your kindle on September 12th, 2017.

5. Krait's Redemption COVER_small

Pre-Order Now! Release Date: September 12, 2017

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With winter solstice fast approaching, Sora and her companions are running out of time. She must stop The Shade from awakening the Dark God, yet a powerful force has overtaken her Cat’s-Eye necklace, rendering the stone almost useless. To use the stone, Sora must learn to trust her instincts and embrace her own inner strength. She joins forces with unexpected allies, Lord Gracen Seabourne among them, to protect the City of Crowns. As the city dissolves into chaos, she finds herself barreling toward an epic battle that will decide the fate of mankind.

At risk to his own life, Crash returns to the Hive seeking aid against Cerastes. However, the events that led him into exile have not been forgotten. Will the Hive offer him redemption, or will they demand he pay the ultimate price for his transgressions?

Join Sora and Crash in their epic battle to save the City of Crowns!

A Word from the Author

Ferran’s Map (The Cat’s Eye Chronicles, Book 4) was very much a story about returning to one’s roots. Virtually every member of the crew found themselves returning to confront their past in some way. Crash once confronts his old grandmaster, Cerastes. Sora and Ferran both return to the nobility. Lori returns to the Healer’s seminary. Even Caprion runs into a face from the past.

A central theme also runs through Krait’s Redemption (The Cat’s Eye Chronicles, Book 5), and it’s about — you guessed it – redemption and renewal. In some ways, this ties into the very spirit of winter solstice, which in Sora’s world, means the dawn of a new year and a time of rebirth:

In her mother’s small town, bells were strung along the streets and villagers wore painted wooden masks on winter’s eve, dancing to pipes and lutes. [Their] masks were meant to remind people they were beings of Wind, ever-changing, and so their inner spirits bore no face. Troubles of the old year dissolved beneath the masks, and a new year was embraced when the masks were shed at dawn. In more superstitious areas, they believed the spirit was literally reborn with each new year.

In Krait’s Redemption, we see Crash returning to the Hive to confront his exile. We see Ferran and Lori addressing the mistakes of their youth. And finally, we have Sora struggling to come to terms with the world she left behind. Redemption, however, is not easy to come by, and I can’t promise you that all of the characters end up as we expect.

I am very excited about the release of Krait’s Redemption. This could very well be the most epic installment of their journey to date. Thank you so much for reading and being part of Sora and Crash’s adventure.

And for those of you wondering, yes, there will be a 6th book.

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Sora’s Quest Audiobook and Krait’s Redemption

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Hello everyone! As summer approaches, here in sunny Los Angeles I see less of boots and more of sandals, less jackets and more flouncy hats! The energy, as well, is picking up for Krait’s Redemption as our production phase draws to a close and the big launch announcement grows closer. Keep on the lookout for the KRAIT’S REDEMPTION COVER REVEAL and RELEASE DATE ANNOUNCEMENT which should be happening in the next few weeks.

The Cat’s Eye Chronicles audiobooks are available and getting 5-star reviews! The series is professionally narrated by the talented C.S.E. Cooney (Author of Bone Swans) and published by Tantor Audio. Check out the links below to grab your copy!

Sora's Quest Audiobook Cover


Viper's Creed Audiobook Cover


VOLCRIAN’S HUNT coming soon!

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The Cat’s Eye Chronicles New Covers!

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The Cat’s Eye Chronicles Series Cover Reveal!

For 5 years running, The Cat’s Eye Chronicles has been a bestselling YA Fantasy Adventure series on Amazon,, iTunes and more. In those 5 years, the series has reached #1 in Kindle Fantasy 10 times and ranked #9 on the Amazon Top 100! It was recently picked up by Tantor, one of the largest audiobook producers in the world, and will be released as Audiobooks during 2017.

In celebration, The Cat’s Eye Chronicles is getting a brand new look, envisioned by the author! All of the covers of the series were created by T. L. Shreffler. She wanted each cover to feature a full Fantasy illustrations with characters and environments from the Cat’s Eye world. Enjoy!

1. Sora's Quest COVER_small

2. Viper's Creed COVER_small

3. Volcrian's Hunt COVER_small

4. Ferran's Map COVER_small

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Happy New Year! What’s NEW for The Cat’s Eye Chronicles?

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Happy New Year! I’m excited about what the new year brings.

2017 will see the release of Krait’s Redemption (The Cat’s Eye Chronicles, Book 5). I know many readers are excited about the book’s release and have been waiting patiently for it to hit the shelf. Thank you for your patience! Why can’t I announce the release date yet? Well, there is a very specific reason, as explained in the next paragraph….

The Cat’s Eye Chronicles Audiobooks

Exciting news! I have just signed with Tantor to produce The Cat’s Eye Chronicles audiobooks. Tantor is an imprint of Recorded Books and one of the biggest audiobook producers in the world! Very exciting, yes? So in 2017, SORA’S QUEST, VIPER’S CREED, VOLCRIAN’S HUNT, FERRAN’S MAP, and KRAIT’S REDEMPTION will be released in audiobook format on Audible, iTunes and more! KRAIT’S REDEMPTION will be released as an ebook and audiobook at the same time. For that reason, I cannot announce a specific release date for KR until Tantor finishes production of the audiobook. I anticipate that to be around the middle of the year. I highly encourage you to follow The Cat’s Eye Chronicles for the release date announcement!

Add KRAIT’S REDEMPTION on Goodreads!

NEW Book Covers

In honor of The Cat’s Eye Chronicles’ 5-Year Anniversary, I am updating the covers for the series. BRAND NEW covers will be released this month at the end of January. I am very excited about the new covers as they are absolutely gorgeous. I can’t wait to share them with you!

Coming Soon

-Audiobook Release Date
-NEW CEC Book Covers
-Krait’s Redemption Release Date
-Krait’s Redemption Cover Reveal

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Check out T. L. Shreffler’s New Fantasy Series!

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The White by T. L. Shreffler is available now!

While T. L. Shreffler labors away on Krait’s Redemption, perhaps you’d like to read MORE of her exciting fantasy stories?

If you love dragons, then The White is for you! The author of The Cat’s Eye Chronicles releases the first book in a brand new fantasy series. The White (The Dragon Pearl, Book 1) is available now on your favorite e-reader. An exiled girl, a dragon hunter and a mysterious sorceress embark on a perilous journey to stop a rampaging dragon…but perhaps the dragon isn’t the true enemy. Click to order your copy below!

Get Your Copy

iTunes coming soon!

5 Star Reviews for The White!

I am a huge fan of Shreffler’s work. Her other series, The Cat’s Eye Chronicles, has a coveted seat upon my Shelf of Awesome, and when I heard she was working on a book with DRAGONS I went a little spastic. This story manages a huge amount of world building, character building, and emotion in a very short space, something that impressed me greatly even with having read her other pieces. It is a fantastic story…and I am very much looking forward to watching the series unfold. ~Author Elisabeth Wheatley (The Argetallam Saga)

This was a book filled with adventure from the beginning. Sienna is no wilting flower, she kicks butt and stands up for herself when no one else will. I was surprised how quickly she branched out at the beginning of the book; it was very refreshing. Shreffler is also not afraid to provide the harsh realities of life. I enjoyed that the writing didn’t dance around the damage that The White created. She did a great job balancing the detail without it becoming too much (as Game of Thrones can often be!). 5 out of 5 stars! ~Reading to Distraction

Sienna Foxburn is awesome. She’s brave and intelligent, has a great sense of humor, and she doesn’t back down from a challenge. She’s a great heroine for this kind of story. The lore of the valley of Windridge, its history and its dragon lore, are amazing too. T.L. Shreffler has created a magnificent fantasy world that feels almost as real as our own world. 5 Stars! ~Bedazzled Reading

The Cat’s Eye Chronicles Update

T. L. Shreffler is hard at work on Book 5 in The Cat’s Eye Chronicles: Krait’s Redemption, which will become available later this year. In the meantime, enjoy her new fantasy adventure, The White (The Dragon Pearl, Book 1.) You can expect more fantasy series, more books, more new worlds and more branching out from this author in years to come. The author is very vocal about not wanting to be boxed into just one series and one world for her entire career, no matter how popular. Better for all of us, I say!

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