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  1. Anxiously awaiting the release of the next book! In the meantime, I’ve seen some info on a second edition of Sora’s Quest – is this edition available to kindle readers?! Hoping so, I was thinking about reading back through the others as a refresher and I would like to be able to read the newer version.

    • Hi Yvonne,

      The “second edition” of Sora’s Quest has been out for some time. If you remember the scene in the beginning about Sora’s Blooming, then you’ve already read the 2nd edition.

      If you’re still not certain, you can update your copy for free by following these steps:

      Automatic Book Update

      Follow these steps to enable the Kindle Automatic Book Update:

      1. Log-in to your account at
      2. Visit the Manage Your Content and Devices page
      3. Select “Automatic Book Update” from the left navigation bar.
      4. Click Turn On.

      Your ebook will be automatically updated.

      In my experience, after following these steps, I had to delete the original ebook off my Kindle and restart the device (turn it off and on). Then, once I re-downloaded the ebook, it updated.

      Enjoy, and thanks for reading!

  2. is it still possible to get a copy of the first edition?

  3. Do we have to buy the new book covers, or are they for free?

  4. THANK YOU! For the beautiful way in which you handled Krait’s Redemption.

    I discovered CatsEyeChronicles in 2014 and it has been my most anticipated series every year. The way in which you’ve crafted the character development and relationship development is true to life and just… gah!

    I especially want to praise very warmly the decisions made in this instalment (I am trying very hard to avoid spoilers). YES to allowing everyone to follow their destiny. And yes to love… even when it’s not love πŸ˜‰ Thank you for books I happily recommend to my teenage learners because of the gorgeously flawed role models who are not passive victims.

    I happily anticipate the next instalment, knowing the true joy that is borne out of patience and love (I’m referring to the series, of course…).

    While I wait, I’ll be pursuing my own destiny.

    • Thank you for reading, Carly, and for leaving such an inspiring comment. Overjoyed that you appreciate the ending, and that the characters are staying true to life and true to themselves.

  5. Will there be another book? In this series? Because that ending was heart shattering and please, please fix this.

  6. Hi Shreffler,

    A month ago on Facebook I asked you if you had the Cat’s eye the first limited-edition book? You said you had a few and I was wondering if it is possible for me to get my hands on one? πŸ˜€

    Best regards,
    Emma Dirach

  7. Just finished It’s it’s Redemption… I didn’t want to and my heart hurts that I have to wait til 2018 for the last installment. You are truly a gifted author! I have never read a series thats teased me with the main love relationship so much that I’ve gotten frustrated. But yet I keep coming back for more! I’m excited and a little concerned for that last book…. I’m a little nervous what you’ll do to my heart strings. I’m also wondering if it’s possible to get the last 2 books in paperback… I can’t find them anywhere =(

  8. Hi!

    Are you going to release hard copies of your books for sale?

  9. Hi Shreffler

    I was wondering if there is any cat’s eye neckleses as I keep missing the chance to get one also have you got a release date for book 6 for 2018 or do we need to wait till after the new year to find out
    Thanks so much

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