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Ferran’s Map Release Date Moved

Posted by on Oct 31, 2014 in Uncategorized | 49 comments

UPDATE 11.5.14

After some deliberation, my publishing team has agreed to allow me to split Ferran’s Map into two parts! What does this mean for you, dear reader? Ferran’s Map is still a complete book, but as the plot lengthens and becomes more complex, I have chosen to wrap it up and break this next leg of Sora’s adventure into two books. This means there will be six books in the series. We can now look forward to Book 5, Krait’s Redemption, being released early next year. I am ridiculously excited.

This also allows me to release Ferran’s Map much sooner than I had hoped, and definitely before Christmas. So look forward to it! I will announce the release date for Ferran’s Map as soon as the final edit it finished.

* * *

UPDATE 10.31.14

Before I begin, I want to say that the amazing reviews, comments and support left on this website are truly inspiring. Thank you so very much for becoming involved with The Cat’s Eye Chronicles and making it a success! Although my schedule does not allow me to respond personally to everyone, I do read your comments and I enjoy the conversations, and you’ve all left a huge smile on this writer’s face. :) (<<–Bigger than that.)

Ferran’s Map is finished, has been finished, and is in its editing stages. I have admittedly been traveling a lot this past month and I am running behind on my deadlines. My editors are asking that I make a few more changes to the middle section of the manuscript, and after some debate, I’ve agreed that it’s for the good of the story…but it does mean the release date will be pushed back for a second time. To give you an idea of the book, Ferran’s Map is around 180,000 words…twice the length of Viper’s Creed, and a solid 200 pages longer than Volcrian’s Hunt. It is a hefty manuscript, and the editing is taking much longer than I anticipated…but you will all get a very good long read out of it!

I plan for the book to come out before the end of the year which gives us…what, two months of wiggle room? Never fear, it will come out very soon, but I am hesitant to announce any sort of date until I know for sure the final draft is complete. I am just excited as all of you to release this next installment in the series. Please join my mailing list to be notified when the release date is finalized. You can also follow my facebook author account (on the right-hand column) to receive updates.

I’m sorry for the wait…but the wait will be worth it. I anticipate Ferran’s Map to be a very long, very intense, very fulfilling read for everyone. The next leg of Sora’s journey is looking darker and more dangerous than her previous adventures, and Crash is definitely stealing my heart all over again. I almost wish I was a reader and not the author so I can take a back seat and just enjoy the ride. You all have a lot to look forward to!

Stay cool guys! B) (Or rather, stay warm, as the seasons are turning….)

-T. L. Shreffler

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